Country names and the meaning Country names and the meaning

Country names and the meaningCountry names and the meaning

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Algeria - Land of Algiers    

Argentina - Silvery Land  

Australia - Southern Land  

Austria - Eastern March  

Bahamas - The Shallows   

Bahrain - The Two Seas  

Belarus - White Russia  

Burkina Faso - Land of Honest Men  

Cameroon - Shrimp River  

Cape Verde - Green Cape  

Colombia - Land of Columbus  

Comoros - Moons 

Costa Rica - Rich Coast  

Dominica - Sunday Island 

Ecuador - Equator 

Eritrea - Land of the Red Sea 

Ethiopia - Land of the Blacks   

Guatemala - Place of Many Trees  

Guyana - Land of Many Waters  

Haiti - mountainous land 

India - Land of the Indus River  

Indonesia - Indian Islands  

Iran - Land of the Aryans  

Japan - Land of the Rising Sun  

Jordan - river Jordan 

Kazakhstan - Land of the Kazakhs  

Kyrgyzstan - Land of the forty tribes   

Liberia - free 

Malaysia - Land of the Malays  

Monaco - single-dwelling  

Mongolia - Land of the Mongols 

Montenegro - Black Mountain  

New Zealand - New sea land   

Pakistan - Land of the Pure  

Philippines - King Philip II  

Sao Tome and Principe - Saint Thomas and prince   

Saudi Arabia - Arabia of the Sauds  

Sierra Leone - Lion Mountains  

Singapore - Lion City  

Spain - Island of Hyraxes  

Sri Lanka - Holy Island  

Sudan - Land of the Blacks 

Tajikistan - Home of the Tajiks

Tanzania - Land of Tanganyika and Zanzibar

Turkey - Land of the Turks  

Turkmenistan - Home of the Turkmens  

Vanuatu - Our Land

Venezuela - Little Venice  

Yugoslavia - Land of the Southern Slavs

Zambia - Land of the Zambezi

Zimbabwe - House of Stones 

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List of Worlds Largest, Smallest, Highest, Lowest and Deepest Things


Busiest Airport : Chicago O'Hare International Airport .
Coldest Place : Vostok, Antarctica.
Coldest Planet : Neptune.
Deepest Gorge : Hell’s Canyon, USA.
Deepest Lake : Lake Baikal, Siberia.
Deepest Ocean : Pacific Ocean.
Deepest Point in the Ocean : Challenger deep of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean.
Deepest in the World.
Driest Place : Death Valley, California.
Fastest Bird : Swift.
Fastest Land Animal : Cheetah.
Fastest Planet : Mercury.
Heaviest Rainfall : Mawsynram, India.
Highest Active Volcano : Guayathiri, Chile.
Highest Airport : Lhasa Airport, Tibet.
Highest Bridge : Milau, France.
Highest Capital City : La Paz, Bolivia.
Highest Continent : Antarctica.
Highest Lake : Titicaca, Bolivia.
Highest Mountain Peak : Mt. Everest.
Highest Mountain Peak : Mt. Everest, Nepal.


English Grammar: Idioms Part 2


A bolt from the blue : Unexpected incident .
A chip on your shoulder : Being upset for something that happened in past.
A slap on the wrist : Very mild punishment.
A stone through : Short distance.
A wolf in sheep clothing : A person who cannot be trusted.
Add fuel to the fire : To worsen a situation.
Against the clock : As fast as possible before a deadline.
All Greek to me : Something which cannot be understood.
An arm and a leg : Very expensive.
An axe to grind : To have dispute with someone.
At one's wit's end : Not knowing what to do.
At sixes and sevens : In utter disorder.
At the drop a hat : Showing readiness.
At the eleventh hour : At the last moment.
Baker's dozen : Thirteen.
Beat a dead horse : To force an issue that has already ended.
Beating around the bush : Avoiding the main topic.
Bite your tongue : To...


Nuclear Power Plants in India (ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ആണവോർജ്ജ പ്ലാന്റുകൾ)



Plant Place State .
Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant Kaiga Karnataka .
Kakrapar Atomic Power Station Kakrapar Gujarat .
Kalpakkam Atomic Power Station Kalpakkam Tamilnadu .
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Kudankulam Tamilnadu .
Narora Atomic Power Station Narora Uttar Pradesh .
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (Kota) Rawatbhata Rajasthan .
Tarapur Atomic Power Station Tarapur Maharashtra .

കൈക - കർണാടക .
കൽപാക്കം, കൂടംകുളം - തമിഴ് നാട്.
കോട്ട - രാജസ്ഥാൻ .
താരാപ്പൂർ - മഹാരാഷ്ട്ര.
നറോറ - ഉത്തർപ്രദേശ്.
കാക്റപ്പാറ - ഗുജറാത്ത്.

കോഡ് - കർണ്ണകി ക...