Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus 2022 Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus 2022

Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus 2022

Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus (10th Level Preliminary Exam Syllabus) 2022

Exam Pattern and Syllabus Preliminary examination LDC ( 10th level preliminary test ) is divided as follows.

  • General Knowledge, Current Affairs And Renaissance In Kerala (60 Marks)
  • Natural Science (10 Marks)
  • Physical Science (10 Marks)
  • Simple Arithmetic And Mental Ability (20 Marks)

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Click here to download the Kerala PSC LDC Previous question papers and Answer Key

Kerala PSC released recruitment notification for the post of LDC on 2022. Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus is available below sections. Expected Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus 2020 is as follows:

Kerala PSC 10th Level Mains Syllabus Announced.

Questions and Syllabus LDC examination is divided as follows.

  • General Knowledge / Current Affairs – 50 Marks
  • General English – 20 Marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude (Simple Arithmetic) – 10 Marks
  • Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning – 10 Marks
  • General Malayalam/ Tamil / Kannada (Regional Language) – 10 Marks

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Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus

Detailed LDC Syllabus 2020 is given below.
Simple Arithmetic

  • Number Systems and basic mathematical operations
  • Fraction and Decimal Numbers
  • Percentages, Averages
  • Profit and loss, Simple and compound Interests
  • Time and Distance, Time and Work
  • Ration and Proportion
  • Mensuration- Volumes, Area, Total Surface Area
  • Law of exponents
  • Progressions
  • Time and Distance
  • Time and Work

Mental Ability

  • Series- Alphabetic, Numerical and Alphanumerical
  • Problems on Mathematical signs
  • Analogy – Word Analogy, Alphabet Analogy, Number Analogy
  • Odd man out
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Family Relation
  • Sense of Direction
  • Time and Angles
  • Time in a clock and its reflection
  • Date and Calendar
  • Clerical Ability

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Geography – Kerala, and India
  • Basic facts about Kerala- Geography, History, Industries, Economy, etc
  • River systems and mountain ranges in India
  • States and Union Territories- Basic Facts
  • Medieval India, First war of Independence- Causes and Results, Indian Independence History
  • National level and regional level national and cultural movements and uprisings
  • India after Independence
  • India’s Foreign Policy
  • Five-year plans, Banking & Insurance, Different Schemes(Central & State government-sponsored)
  • Human rights act, Human Rights Commissions, SC/ST acts, SC/ST commissions, Women Protection bills, Right to Information Act and Commissions, etc
  • Women Empowerment, Laws against domestic abuses
  • Cyber Laws
  • Polity, Economics, Science, Literature, Art & Culture, Sports – Current Affairs of both national and international importance
  • National Parks, Biospheres, etc

General Science

  • Basics of Human Organs
  • Vitamins and Diseases
  • Disease and carriers
  • Important Agricultural Schemes in Kerala
  • Important Crops in Kerala
  • Forest Resources
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Atom and its structures
  • Ores and Minerals
  • Elements and its groups
  • Laws of Motions
  • Chemistry in everyday life
  • Work and Energy, Power, Electricity
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Solar System and its characteristics
  • Sound and Light

General English

  •  Types of Sentences and Interchange of Sentences
  •  Different Parts of Speech
  • Agreement of Verb and Subject
  • Confusion of Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Comparison of Adjectives
  • Articles – The Definite and the Indefinite Articles
  • Uses of Primary and Model Auxiliary Verbs
  • Tag Questions
  • Infinitive and Gerunds
  • Tenses
  • Tenses in Conditional Tenses
  • Adverbs and Position of adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • The Use of Correlatives
  •  Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Active and Passive voice
  •  Correction of Sentences
  • Vocabulary
  • Singular & Plural, Change of Gender, Collective Nouns
  • Word Formation from other words and the use of prefix or suffix
  • Compound words
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Foreign Words and Phrases
  • One Word Substitutes
  •  Words often confused
  • Spelling Test
  • Idioms and their Meaning


  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives
  • Sentence and Word Correction
  • Idioms, One Word Substitution
  • Synonyms, Antonyms
  • Confused Words
  • Words creation from Nouns and Adjectives
  • Sandhi & Samasam
  • Spelling test
  • Use of Punctuation marks
  • Famous authors in Kerala, their works and Leading Characters
  • Translation, etc.
  • Literary Awards and prizes in Kerala – Books and their Authors
  • Pen names and popular names of well-known authors

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Kerala PSC LDC Previous year Question Papers

Kerala PSC LDC Previous Question Papers is available to download in the below sections. LDC Previous Question Papers are categorised based on the year of the exam conducted by the Kerala PSC. Kerala PSC LDC Previous year Question Papers are available to download in here

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