Indian constitution borrowed from Indian constitution borrowed from

Indian constitution borrowed fromIndian constitution borrowed from

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  • Parliamentary government
  • Rule of Law
  • Legislative procedure
  • Single citizenship
  • Cabinet system
  • Prerogative writs
  • Parliamentary privileges 
  • Bicameralism


  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Nomination of members to RajyaSabha 
  • Method of election of president

Unites States of America

  • Impeachment of the president
  • Functions of president and vice-president
  • Removal of Supreme Court and High court judges
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Judicial review
  • Independence of judiciary
  • Preamble of the constitution


  • Federation with a strong Centre
  • Vesting of residuary powers in the Centre 
  • Appointment of state governors by the Centre
  • Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court


  • Concurrent List
  • Freedom of trade 
  • Commerce and inter-course
  • Joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament

Soviet Union (Russia)

  • Fundamental duties 
  • The ideal of justice in the Preamble


  • The ideals of Republic in the Preamble
  • The ideals of liberty in the Preamble
  • The ideals ofequality in the Preamble
  • The ideals offraternity in the Preamble


  • Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency

South Africa

  • Procedure for amendment of the Constitution 
  • Election of members of Rajya Sabha


  • Concept of \'procedure established by Law\'   
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10th Level Preliminary Exam Questions


Kerala PSC has published the 10th level Preliminary Exam Syllabus For 10th Level Examination for the Various Post Recruitment 2021. Those candidates who applied for the Kerala psc examination can prepare for the exam using the below questions. As per Kerala psc, the Exam pattern for all psc examinations is revised and there will be a common test for the 10th level exams. Candidates qualify for preliminary examination are eligible for mains examination held by Kerala PSC for different posts. You can find questions for the 10th level Preliminary Exam in the below sections.

1888 ശ്രീ നാരായണ ഗുരു അരുവിപ്പുറം പ്രതിഷ്ഠ നടത്തിയത് ഏത് നദിയുടെ തീരത്താണ് നെയ്യാറ് .
jaduguda യുറേനിയം ഖനി ഏത് സംസ്ഥാനത്താണ് ജാർഖണ്ഡ് .
അമ്ലമഴ യ...


Dadasaheb Phalke Award Winners


Awards Year Winner Occupation .
64th 2016 Kasinadhuni Viswanath Filmmaker , Actor .
63rd 2015 Manoj Kumar Actor , Director .
62nd 2014 Shashi Kapoor Actor, Director , Producer .
61st 2013 Gulzar Poet, Lyricist , Director .
60th 2012 Pran Actor .
59th 2011 Soumitra Chatterjee Actor .
58th 2010 K. Balach , er Director .
57th 2009 D. Ramanaidu Producer .
56th 2008 VK Murthy Cinematographer .
55th 2007 Manna Dey Singer .
54th 2006 Tapan Sinha Director .
53rd 2005 Shyam Benegal Director .
52nd 2004 Adoor Gopalakrishnan Director .
51st 2003 Mrinal Sen Director .
50th 2002 Dev An , Actor, Director , Producer .
49th 2001 Yash Chopra Director , Producer .
48th 2000 Asha Bhosle Singer .
47th 1999 Hrishikesh Mukherjee Director .
46th 1998 B.R. Chopra Director , Produce...


Most Commonly Used Banking Terms.


Bank Rate : It is the rate of interest charged by a central bank to commercial banks on the advances and the loans it extends.
Bouncing of a cheque : When an account has insufficient funds the cheque is not payable and is returned by the bank for a reason "Exceeds arrangement" or "funds insufficient".
CRR (Cash Reverse Ratio) :   The amount of funds that a bank keep with the RBI. If the percentage of CRR increases then the amount with the bank comes down.
Cheque : It is written by an individual to transfer amount between two accounts of the same bank or a different bank and the money is withdrawn from the account.
Core Banking Solutions (CBS) : In this, all the branches of the bank are connected together and the customer can access his/her funds or transactions from any other branch.
Debit Card : This is a card issued by the bank so the customers can withdraw their money from their account electronically.
Demat Account :...