Geographical Nicknames Geographical Nicknames

Geographical NicknamesGeographical Nicknames

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  • Bengal’s Sorrow – Damodar River
  • Blue Mountains – Nilgiri Hills
  • China’s Sorrow – Hwang-Ho
  • City of Dreaming Spires – Oxford
  • City of Golden Gate – San Francisco
  • City of Magnificient Distances – Washington
  • City of Palaces – Calcutta
  • City of Seven Hills – Rome
  • City of Sky Scrapers – New York
  • Cockpit of Europe – Belgium
  • Dark Continent – Africa
  • Emerald Island – Ireland
  • Eternal City – Rome
  • Forbidden City – Lhasa (Tibet)
  • Garden City – Chicago
  • Gate of Tears – Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb
  • Gateway of India – Mumbai
  • Gift of Nile – Egypt
  • Granite City – Aberdeen
  • Hermit Kingdom – Korea
  • Herring Pond – Atlantic Ocean
  • Holy Land – Palestine
  • Island Continent – Australia
  • Island of Cloves – Zanzibar
  • Island of Pearls – Bahrein (Persian Gulf)
  • Key to the Mediterranean – Gibraltar
  • Land of Cakes – Scotland
  • Land of Golden Fleece – Australia
  • Land of Maple – Canada
  • Land of Midnight Sun – Norway
  • Land of Morning Calm – Korea
  • Land of Thousand Lakes – Finland
  • Land of White Elephant – Thailand
  • Land of the Rising Sun – Japan
  • Land of the Thunderbolt – Bhutan
  • Loneliest Island – Tristan De Gunha (Mid Atlantic)
  • Never Never land – Vast Prairies of North Australia
  • Pearl of the Antilles – Cuba
  • Pearl of the Pacific – Guyayaquil port of Equador
  • Pillars of Hercules – Straits of Gibraltar
  • Playground of Europe – Switzerland
  • Quaker City – Philadelphia
  • Queen of the Adriatic – Venice
  • Roof of the World – The Pamirs, Central Asia

Historically Important Places

  • Great Wall of China: 2,400 km long wall constructed by the Chinese Emperor Shih Hwang Ti.
  • Kremlin: It is in Moscow. It is the headquarters of Russia.
  • Lumbini: It is the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal.
  • Monte Carlo: It is in France, famous for the luxurious resorts and world-renowned car rally.
  • Mount Blanc: It is the highest mountain peak in Europe in the Alps on the confines of Italy and France.
  • Pearl Harbour: US naval base in Hawai Island. The Japanese attack of this brought them into the second world war.
  • Pentagon: It is in Washington. It is the defence head-quarters of USA.
  • Pisa: It is in Italy, well known for its leaning tower.
  • Potala: It is in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Dalai Lama’s palace is situated here.
  • Victoria Falls: It is on river Zambezi in Central Africa. It is 1,700 metres wide.
  • Yellow Sea: It is a sea between China and Korea.
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Major events in Indian independence


1757: Battle of Plassey.
1857: First War of Independence.
1858: India comes under the direct rule of the British crown.
1885: The Indian National Congress was formed in Bombay.
1905: The Partition of the Bengal.
1909: Minto – Morley Reforms.
1911: Bengal Partition annulled.
1914-1918: Britain drags India into World War I.
1915: Gandhi returns to India from South Africa.
1916: Lucknow Pact.
1917: Champaran and Kheda Satyagraha.
1919: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.
1921 to 1922: Civil Disobedience Movement.
1922: Chauri – Chaura Incident.
1924: Moplah riots between Hindus and Muslims.
1927: The British government appoints the Simon Commission.
1928: Bardoli Satyagraha.
1930: Salt Satyagraha, First Round Table Conference.
1931: Second Round Table Conference, Gandhi-Irwin pact.
1932: Poona Pact, Third...


National Laboratories and Locations


Central Building Research Institute: Roorkee (UP).
Central Drug Research Institute: Lucknow (UP).
Central Food Technological Research Institute: Mysore.
Central Leather Research Institute: Chennai.
Central Mining Research Station: Dhanbad (Bihar).
Central Road Research Institute: New Delhi.
Indian Institute of Petroleum: Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal).
National Aeronautical Laboratory: Bangalore.
National Chemical Laboratory: Pune.
National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI): Nagpur.
National Institute of Oceanography: Panaji (Goa).
National Physical Laboratory: New Delhi.


Common Economic Terms and Definitions


Active Market .

This is a term used by the stock exchange which specifies the particular stock or share which deals in frequent and regular transactions. It helps the buyers to obtain reasonably large amounts at any time.

Administered Price .

The administrative body e.g., the government a marketing board or a trading group determines this price. The competitive market force is not entitled to determine this price. The government fixes a price in accordance with a demand-supply portion in the market. .

Ad-valorem Tax .

Ad-valorem tax is a kind of indirect tax in which goods are taxed by their values. In the case of ad-volorem tax, the tax amount is calculated as the proportion of the price of the goods. Value-added Tax (VAT) is an ad-volorem Tax.

Advanced Countries .

Advanced countries ar...