List of wind power plants in India List of wind power plants in India

List of wind power plants in IndiaList of wind power plants in India

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Power plantProducerLocationState
Acciona TuppadahalliTuppadahalli Energy India Private LimitedChitradurga DistrictKarnataka
Brahmanvel windfarmParakh Agro IndustriesDhuleMaharashtra
Cape ComorinAban Loyd Chiles Offshore LtdKanyakumariTamil Nadu
Damanjodi Wind Power PlantSuzlon Energy LtdDamanjodiOdisha
Dangiri Wind FarmOil India LtdJaisalmerRajasthan
Dhalgaon windfarmGadre Marine ExportsSangliMaharashtra
Jaisalmer Wind ParkSuzlon EnergyJaisalmerRajasthan
Kayathar SubhashSubhash LtdKayatharTamil Nadu
Muppandal windfarmMuppandal WindKanyakumariTamil Nadu
Vankusawade Wind ParkSuzlon Energy LtdSatara DistrictMaharashtra
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Delhi Sultanate Dynasties



1.അടിമ വംശം (1206-1290).

2.ഖിൽജി വംശം(1290-1320).

3.തുഗ്ലക്ക് വംശം (1320-1414).

4.സയ്യിദ് വംശം(1414-1451).

5.ലോധി വംശം (1451- 1526).

1.അടിമ വംശം .

സ്ഥാപകൻ : കുതുബുദ്ധീൻ ഐബക് .

മാംലൂക് വംശം, ഇൽബാരി വംശം, യാമിനി വംശം എന്നീ പേരുകളിൽ അറിയപ്പെടുന്നു .

ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ആദ്യ മുസ്ലിം രാജവംശം.



Questions about Sree Narayana Guru : Kerala Renaissance


Sree Narayana Guru (ca. 1854 – 20 September 1928), was a social reformer of India. He was born into a family of the Ezhava caste in an era when people from such communities, which were regarded as Avarna, faced much injustice in the caste-ridden society of Kerala. He led a reform movement in Kerala, rejected casteism, and promoted new values of spiritual freedom and social equality. Source: .

The first malayale to appear in the Indian postal stamp Answer:  Sree Narayana Guru The first malayale to appear in the Sri Lankan postal stamp Answer: Sree Narayana Guru() The only foreign country visited by Sree Narayana Guru Answer: Sri Lanka The first malayalie to be inscribed on a coin of Reserve Bank of India Answer: Sree Narayana Guru Sree Narayana Jayanti Boat race  conducted in Answer: Kumarakam(Kottayam) Sree Narayana Trophy Boat race conducted in Answer: Kannetti kayal(karunagapalli)  The temple which&nbs...


Five year plans in India


ഇന്ത്യയിലെ പഞ്ചവൽസര പദ്ധതികൾ ( Five year plans in India ) 1. First Plan - ഒന്നാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (1951 -56) .

Code: ThePICSA.

T - Transport.
C - Communication.
A - Agriculture.
2. Second Plan - രണ്ടാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി (1956 -61) .


M - Mahalanobis Model.
A - Atomic Energy Commission.
D - Durgapur steel company, Tata Inst of Fundamental Research.
R - Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid Industrialisation.
A - Agriculture.
S - Socialistic Pattern of Society.
3. Third Plan - മൂന്നാം പഞ്ചവത്സര പദ്ധതി. (1961-66) .

Code: SAD.

S -...