English Grammar: Idioms Part 2 English Grammar: Idioms Part 2

English Grammar: Idioms Part 2English Grammar: Idioms Part 2

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  • A bolt from the blue : Unexpected incident
  • A chip on your shoulder : Being upset for something that happened in past
  • A slap on the wrist : Very mild punishment
  • A stone through : Short distance
  • A wolf in sheep clothing : A person who cannot be trusted
  • Add fuel to the fire : To worsen a situation
  • Against the clock : As fast as possible before a deadline
  • All Greek to me : Something which cannot be understood
  • An arm and a leg : Very expensive
  • An axe to grind : To have dispute with someone
  • At one's wit's end : Not knowing what to do
  • At sixes and sevens : In utter disorder
  • At the drop a hat : Showing readiness
  • At the eleventh hour : At the last moment
  • Baker's dozen : Thirteen
  • Beat a dead horse : To force an issue that has already ended
  • Beating around the bush : Avoiding the main topic
  • Bite your tongue : To avoid talking
  • Blue moon : A rare event
  • Burn one's fingers : Get oneself into trouble
  • Burn the candle at both ends : Exhaust ones physical or mental resources by over work
  • Call a spade a spade : Speak frankly
  • Cock and bull story : Unbelievable story
  • Come off with flying colors : Highly successful
  • Cry over split milk : Regret over past action
  • Dark horse : Unexpected winner
  • Dutch courage : Courage shown after become drunk
  • Eat humble pie : Become humble after ill luck
  • Fish in trouble water : Make profit when others in trouble
  • Flesh and blood : To refer someone's family
  • Get your walking papers : To be fired
  • Good Samaritan : Person helping others without any expectation
  • Greasing the palm : Bribing
  • Head over heals : With great joy
  • Hold your horse : Be patient
  • In high spirit : Very happy
  • Keep body and soul together : Money in order to live comfortably
  • Keep the wolf from the door : Avoid starvation
  • Kick the bucket : Die
  • Leave no stone upturned : Do everything one can
  • Lend an ear to : Listen patiently
  • Let sleeping dogs lie : Not to restart a dispute
  • Let the cat out of the bag : Make something public
  • Like a chicken with its head cut off : To act madly
  • Make both ends meet : Struggle to live with limited income
  • Mum's the word : Close one's mouth and utter no word
  • Nip in the bud : To prevent something from developing
  • On the fence : Something yet to be decided
  • Over the top : Exorbitant
  • Pick up your ears : Pay attention
  • Pipe down : To shut up or be quiet
  • Queer fish : Strange person
  • Queer the pitch : Ruin a plan
  • Sell for a song : At a very low price
  • Smell a rat : To sense a danger in advance
  • Southpaw : Left handed person
  • Storm in tea cup : Unimportant event
  • Swan song : Last performance
  • Tie the knot : To get married
  • Till the cows come home : Very late
  • To keep one's eyes : To be extremely watchful
  • To steal someone's thunder : Claim someone's achievement
  • Tongue in cheek : A harmless joke
  • Use your loaf : Act sensibly
  • Wet blanket : Useless person
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Jathas and leaders


Jatha Place Leader .
ഉപ്പ് സത്യാഗ്രഹ മാർച്ച്‌ പാലക്കാട്‌ - പയ്യന്നൂർ ടി ആർ കൃഷ്ണ സ്വാമി അയ്യർ .
കർഷക മാർച്ച്‌ കാസർഗോഡ് - തിരുവനന്തപുരം AK ഗോപാലൻ (1960) .
കർഷക മാർച്ച്‌ പാലക്കാട്‌ - സബർമതി ആനന്ദ തീർത്തൻ .
ജീവശിഖാ മാർച്ച്‌ അങ്കമാലി - തിരുവനന്തപുരം മന്നത് പദ്മനാഭൻ 1959 .
ടെംപിൾ ജാഥ കണ്ണൂർ - ഗുരുവായൂർ AK ഗോപാലൻ .
പട്ടിണി ജാഥ കണ്ണൂർ - മദ്രാസ് എ.കെ ഗോപാലൻ (1936) .
മലബാർ ജാഥ കോഴ...


English Grammar : Phrasal Verbs


Account for : Explain, Give a reason .
Agree with : Have the same opinion as others.
Blow up : To destroy by an explosion, Inflate with air or gas.
Break down : Lose control.
Break into\in : Enter by force.
Break out : Start suddenly.
Break up : Come to an end.
Bring back : Return.
Bring down : Reduce.
Bring in : Introduce, yield\earn.
Bring out : To appear, publish, produce.
Call at : Visit a place.
Call for : Demand (LDC Thrissur, Kasaracode, Kollam, 2017).
Call in : Send for.
Call off : Cancel.
Call on : Visit a person.
Call upon : Appeal.
Carry on : Continue.
Carry out : Do and complete a task.
Carry through : To help, complete, fulfill.
Come across : Find by chance.
Come down : Collapse, humiliation.
Come out : Be published, become known, To appear.


Handshake problem


Suppose there are n people in the party. The first person shakes hand with the other (n-1) guests. The second guest shakes hand with the other (n-2) guests. this will continue until the (n-1)-th guest shakes hand with the nth guest.

Total number of handshakes is (n-1) + (n-2).. + 3 + 2 + 1. .

= (n-1)(n)/2 .

For example, 6 people in a party shake hand with other guests. So how many handshakes will be there?.



ഏതാനും പേര്‍ തമ്മില്‍ പരസ്പരം ഹസ്തദാനം നടത്തിയാല്‍ ആകെഹസ്തദാനങ്ങളുടെ എണ്ണംകാണുവാനുള്ള സൂത്രവാക്യമാണ്  (n-1)(n)/2 ഇവിടെ ' n ' എന്നത് ആളുകളുടെ എണ്ണമാണ്. ഉദാഹരണത്തിന് 6 പേര്...