GK Quiz Indian independence PSC GK Quiz Indian independence

GK Quiz Indian independence.

1. Who is the founder of the Indian National Congress?

2. The first Muslim to become the president of the Indian National Congress:

3. The first and last Indian to become the Governor-General of independent India:

4. Who was instumental in the integration of princely states after the independence?

5. The Viceroy during the Dandi March of Gandhiji:

6. Who said ‘Swarajya is my birthright’?

7. In which city Tipu Sultan planted ‘Tree of Liberty’?

8. Roa Bharmal, who rose in revolt due to the interference of British in the internal affairs of the state, was the ruler of:

9. The British introduced the railways in India in order to:

10. The credit of victory of Porto Novo goes to the British General:

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