English Grammar Quiz 4 PSC English Grammar Quiz 4

English Grammar Quiz 4

1. The teacher congratulated the student ...... his success

2. They laughed at him. He became angry. The more they laughed at him, ..... he became

3. The man became nervous because it was the first speech delivered by him. Select one word for the words underlined

4. Alien is a synonym of

5. A baker`s dozen means

6. Kerala is blessed with ..... vegetation

7. He was (a)/ punished severely (b)/ on sleeping (c)/ in the class (d) Spot the portion which carries error

8. He would have overcome his difficulties by his hard working nature. Use a phrase with similar meaning

9. They are organising an excursion. An excursion ...... (Select the passive form)

10. I look forward to ...... from you

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