Indian Constitution Quiz 2 PSC Indian Constitution Quiz 2

Indian Constitution Quiz 2.

1. Which article of the Indian Constitution provides for co-operation between states (Inter State Council) ?

2. Which Article is inserted in the Constitution of India by the Constitution (Ninety-seventh Amendment) Act 2011?

3. Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the ordinance powers of the President of India?

4. The judges of the subordinate courts are appointed by:

5. Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years?

6. The article of Indian Constitution that deals with Right to Constitutional Remedies

7. The subject 'Forest' is included in which list of the Constitution:

8. In the Constitution of India, article related to Fundamental Duties is:

9. Sexual harassment at work place Act was passed in the year:

10. Which among the following committees was the first to demand constitutional recognition for Panchayats?

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