University Assistant Mock Test 2 University Assistant Mock Test 2

Keala PSC University Assistant Mock Test 2.

1. Which social reformer started the movement called ‘Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam’?

2. Who wrote the book ‘Anastasyayude Rektha Sakshyam’?

3. Golden Quadrilateral is a--------project

4. Name of the instrument used in aeroplanes to measure height:

5. Which Malayalam poet was honored by the British prince in 1922?

6. A major poverty eradication programme in the following:

7. The largest pure water lake in India:

8. Who was the founder of Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha?

9. Which day is observed as world population day?

10. Which gave the honorary title ‘Sardar’to Vallabhai Pattel?

11. Which river is related with Majuli Island?

12. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is the principal designer of which famous building?

13. Which Indian State gets its name from the Pali word for Buddhist monastery?

14. The last supper is a famous fresco painted by which great renaissance artist?

15. Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2015?

16. Who was the founder of Atma Vidya Sangham?

17. Black soil is suitable for which crop?

18. The oldest mountain range in India:

19. Last formed corporation in Kerala:

20. Who was the woman leader of Quit India Movement?

21. .”Ballot is powerful than bullet”who said so?

22. Whose autobiography is known as’Ente Jeevitha Smaranakal’?

23. Which river forms the boundary between North India and South India?

24. Which of the following is known as the lungs of Nature?

25. Name of the agency that won the Gandhi Peace Award for the year 2014:

26. Where is Lothal?

27. A special phenomenon seen only in the Arabian Sea:

28. Which latitude passes through India?

29. In which year Sree Narayana Guru formed S.N.D.P.Yogam?

30. Who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress?

31. ---------is the brain of a computer

32. In MS Word 2007 Maximum Zoom is-----Percentage

33. The extension of a Paint File:

34. Which of the following is not an Antivirus Software?

35. Which one of the following is a word processing software?

36. What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row?

37. -----Gigabytes=1 Terabyte

38. .Microsoft Office is:

39. URL stands for:

40. Which power point view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail display?

41. To create a new folder in a window:

42. Which of the following groups consists of only input devices?

43. Inventor of Email System is:

44. The ‘copy’command saves the content temporarily to the:

45. MS Excel displays the address of the active cell in the:

46. Which of the following helps to reduce the sound while typing?

47. Carriage Rack is set on the top of the:

48. The process of taking out more copies on a typewriter using carbon paper

49. The instruction ‘trans’given in a manuscript represents:

50. The abbreviation of Pound is:

51. ’Stet’written on manuscripts represents:

52. The last word typed at the end of a page being repeated as the first word in the subsequent page is called:

53. Which of the following helps in correcting the typed matter on a typewriter?

54. Decrease in main spring tension in a typewriter leads to:

55. .Which pen is used for signing on a stencil paper?

56. .The key which is not found in English Typewriter:

57. Which of the following is not a non character key?

58. ----------helps the type bars to return to the basket after each stroke

59. Which are the guide keys in the English Typewriter?

60. Overlapping of letters at the locked right margin is called:

61. In which of the following,the subject of the letter is given under”abstract”?

62. E & OE’is the abbreviation for:

63. In a Business Letter,-----is typed just below the complementary close.

64. How many spaces are to be provided after a colon?

65. .Which finger of the left hand is used to type the letter’Z’?

66. ---------is used for getting continuous uppercase characters.

67. The cheapest method of taking a large number of copies using stencil is called:

68. The Cyclostyle machine was invented by:

69. The Loose Dog helps in:

70. A worksheet contains:

71. Which of the following is a Volatile Memory?

72. Name the section at the top of the document used to place the name,page number etc.

73. Who is the founder of Facebook?

74. Which of the following shortcut key is used for insert a new slide?

75. SORT command is used for:

76. -------------is the process of combining main document with the data source

77. Operating System is a:

78. Which one of the following is not a Web browser?

79. In MS Powerpoint the ‘Page Setup’button can be found in the:

80. The video--------if you press this button

81. She asked her mother where she-------put the box

82. Mr.Jenson ---------12 films and I think his latest is the best

83. Which word is the synonym of ‘proximity’?

84. Which among the following is called a board on which an artist mixes his colours?

85. I remembered ----------race

86. The idiom ‘at your beck and call’means:

87. At least he decided to quite the job,--------?

88. Find the antonym of the word ‘anguish’:

89. The Latin word ‘adhoc’means:

90. The only people who are interested in the film-----to be teenagers.

91. He is suffering from a nervous:

92. Choose the correct sentence:

93. It has been the ------day in delhi for 25 years.

94. The mirror--------broken when I dropped it in the bathroom

95. She is------colleague of mine:

96. .They have always wanted a house in the city,but they-------on where it should be

97. Robin always seemed such a -----boy

98. The cat ran away from her and disappeared--------the hill

99. Select the word which has correct spelling:

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