Company Board Assistant Mock Test 16 Company Board Assistant Mock Test 16

Kerala PSC Company Board Corporation Assistant Grade II Mock test #16

1. The writer known by the pen name `Sanjayan' is

2. In a fairy tale a princess lived with seven dwarfs. The name of the princess is

3. The President of India is elected by the votes of the members of:

4. The correctly spelt word among the following are: (I) Comutation (2) Superidentent (3) Psychosis (4) Investigater (5) Gracious (6) Controller (7) Decision

5. A relevant single term from the alternatives given below to mean "the suffering or even death for a strong belief or cause".

6. The future perfect tense of the verb "loves" is:

7. Correct sentences among the following are: ) The tea is too hot that I cannot drink (2) Work hard, lest you should miss the chance (3) Unless you study well, you will fail (4) Unless you study well, you will pass

8. "She is writing a poem". The sentence is converted to passive voice as:

9. They think that women are inferior ........... men.

10. I have been waiting for you ............ the last three hours.

11. They couldn't do this, ........... ?

12. I ......... on this job since last Monday.

13. 'A bee in one's bonnet' means:

14. The word which is synonymous to the word 'paradigm' is

15. The word which is opposite to 'Obstinate' is:

16. Booker prize is given in the field of:

17. The word which cannot be formed from the alphabets of the word `Conversation' is

18. The correct sentence among the following is:

19. She failed in the examination because she was not well on the examination days. This is a:

20. Author of the book 'Alice in Wonderland' is:

21. Animals that eat flesh are:

22. Chemical name of baking soda is

23. 'Antigen' is a substance which:

24. The central processing unit of a computer consists of:

25. The passengers of a moving bus fall forward when it stops suddenly.. This is because.

26. The expanded form of N.C.E,R.T. is

27. People walking along the foot path are called :

28. Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on 13th December 2001 carried out by militants is:

29. Miss Universe of 2003 is:

30. Myopia can be corrected using a:

31. The first Law Minister of independent India is:

32. The state known as the Spice Garden of India is

33. The founder of Kerala Kalamandalam.

34. The expanded form of COFEPOSA is

35. The founder of Indian National Congress is:

36. Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on

37. 31st October 1984 is a memorable day in the history of India because

38. "In nature there is enough for everyone's need, but too little for everyone's greed". These are the words of the famous leader.

39. In a certain code 'Person' is written as QDSRPM, 'Belief is written in the same code as:

40. Bodies in the sky which are much smaller than planets but are having orbits between the Mars and Jupiter are known as.

41. Bird : Chirp :: Horse : ........... ?

42. Swan : Cygnet :: Sheep : .............?

43. Jump, Swim, Leap, Think, Walk:

44. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Tiger, Dog

45. The average monthly salary of twenty teachers in a school is Rs. 2,000. If the salary of the Headmaster is also added, the average monthly salary becomes Rs. 2,100. The salary of the Headmaster is:

46. Two glasses of equal volumes, one - half and the other three-fourth filled with milk. They are then filled to brim by adding water. Then the contents in the two glasses are poured into another vessel. The ratio of milk to water is:

47. A train covers a distance of 180 four hours. Another train covers the same distance in one hour less. The difference in distance in k.m. covered by these trains in one hour is:

48. In a queue of students, A is 18th from front while B is 16th from the back, If C is 25th from the front and is exactly in the middle of A and B, the number of students in the queue:

49. A can do a piece of work in 3 days. B can do the same piece of work in 6 days. The number of days necessary to finish the same work if both of them do it together.

50. In a shop 9 oranges cost as much as 5 apples, 5 apples cost as much as 3 mangoes, 3 mangoes cost as much as 12 lemons. If the cost of 12 lemons is Rs. 18, the cost of an orange is

51. A man's wage was reduced by 20% and then increased by 20%. His loss percent is

52. In a leap year February 1st is on Friday. March 2nd is on

53. If the five students sitting in a row, Leela is left to Geetha but on the right of Reetha. Seetha is on the right of Geetha but on the left of Valsa. The student sitting in the middle is.

54. When 130494 is divided by 239 the quotient is 546. The quotient when 1304.94 is divided by 0.546 is

55. Fill in the blank space: 2,2,3,4,6,10,16 ......... ?

56. Fill in the blank space 1, 1, 2, 4, 3, 9, 4, 16, 5. .........

57. √0.0025 X √2.25 X √0.0001 = _ _ _ _ ?

58. If 135 = 15, 245 = 40, then 324 = .......... ?

59. 100000 — 9899 = .............?

60. Capital of Bihar is

61. El Nino means

62. Religion 'Din-i-llahi' is propagated by the king.

63. The month of the Gregorian Calendar named after Jupiter's wife is

64. The founder of Boy Scout movement

65. The master gland of human body is

66. India's first satellite `Aryabhatta' was launched in

67. The first woman recipient of 'Bharat Ratna' is

68. As per the constitution of India, a citizen of India to become the President should not be less than the age of

69. A green leaf kept under a red light will appear

70. Triple vaccine is given against

71. Diffusion of light in atmosphere takes place due to

72. The article of the Indian Constitution which provides that it shall be the duty of the Union to protect every state against external aggression and internal disturbance is

73. Indira Gandhi Peace Prize of 2012 was awarded to

74. The person who won the title in the finals of French Open Men's Singles. Tennis Championship in the year 2003 is

75. The proponent and propagandist of the art of living is

76. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is available at:

77. Hobson's choice means:

78. The subject matter of Ajanta paintings pertains to:

79. The bill which must be passed by each house of Indian Parliament separately by a special majority is:

80. 11th September 2001 is in the news because of the

81. 2004 Olympic games will be held in.

82. The scientist who introduced vaccine for rabies is:

83. "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once". These are the lines taken from the Shakespearean work:

84. The nature of knowledge and the process of knowing it is known as:

85. Eiffel Tower is in the city of

86. Currency of Sri Lanka is:

87. Disney land is in:

88. The silent valley is in the district:

89. The Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram represent the art patronised by the:

90. The Headquarters of International Court of Justice is at:

91. The form of Government in which power is in the hands of a few people is:

92. The Malayalam poet who struggled against social evils like caste system, untouchability etc, through his works is:

93. Lemon fruit contains

94. Aspirin is

95. Morning star is:

96. Bermuda triangle is in:

97. Chemical name of Milk of lime is:

98. A class of drugs used to treat anxiety and depression is:

99. Fastest animal on earth is:

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