Civil Police Officer Mock Test 1 Civil Police Officer Mock Test 1

Civil Police Officer Mock Test 1

1. Which of the following word means a popular art?

2. Father of Tropical Forestry A.R.S.Troup

3. The first National Park in Kerala

4. Scientific name of ‘Indian laburnum’is

5. .The first paper industry was established in India at

6. .India State of Forest Report is prepared by

7. .In which year the ‘Project Elephant’was launched in India?

8. The transition zone between two ecosystems is known as

9. Operation Olivia’was started for the conservation of

10. The art and science of cultivating forest trees is called.

11. Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in the year

12. The Flamingo festival is celebrated annually in

13. United Nations Climate Change Conference,2017 was held at

14. World Bamboo Day was celebrated on

15. .Vivipary is a characteristic feature of

16. The grasslands in Central Eurasia are called

17. The largest community reserve in India

18. The plants growing on deserts are called

19. Which district in Kerala has largest area under mangrove forest?

20. Tropical Forest Research Institute is situated in

21. World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on

22. A flock of sheep-----------grazing in the field

23. A good deal of time----------wasted on it.

24. ’Babyboom’means

25. .The synonym of ‘abused’is

26. Opposite of ‘affluence’is

27. I--------the light

28. The word’Ad-hoc’means

29. .Absence of Government is

30. Find correctly spelt word.

31. The idiom’to drive home’means

32. The scientist who arranged the elements,in their increasing order of atomic weight is

33. In which of the following condition does the evaporation of water takes place?

34. Which glass is used for making lenses and prisms?

35. Which reducing agent is used for the extraction of highly reactive metal from their ores?

36. Which among the following fuels given has the highest calorific value?

37. Electrons revolve around the nucleus in a fixed path called orbits.This concept related to

38. What is the colour that comes to the base of the prism if composite yellow light is passed through it?

39. A very large force acting for a very short time is known as

40. Choose the odd one.

41. .Sound waves have high velocity in

42. Which of the following is a viral disease?

43. Find the odd one.

44. The plasma protein necessary for blood clotting

45. Among the following which is not a vegetative reproduction method?

46. Which of the following is a major component of the Vaccine for Tetanus?

47. Name the blood vessel that supply blood to the muscles of the heart

48. Goitra is caused by the deficieny of

49. Which of the following is a hybrid variety of Tomato?

50. The flowershow ‘Poopoli’is organised by

51. Antibiotics are used to resist

52. Name the programme introduced by Government of Kerala for diffentially abled persons for rehabilitation in 2017.

53. The Japanese writer who gets Noble prize for literature?

54. Which among the following is known as first political drama of Malayalam?

55. .In India which one among the following formulates the Fiscal Policy?

56. Name the Indian state formed on 1st December 1963.

57. The day on which Right to Information Act came into force on is

58. .’Palaruvi Express’travels between

59. Name the socio-reformer who led Thali Road Samaram

60. .’International Day of Non-violence’is observes on

61. Name the film which gets Suvarna Chakoram for the best film in IFFK 2017.

62. Name the film which gets Suvarna Chakoram for the best film in IFFK 2017.

63. The book ‘Manninu Vendi’ was written by

64. Which was the opponent team of India in their 500th test cricket match?

65. Who among the following is known as ‘Martin Luther of India’?

66. -------------of Indian Constitution provides right against exploitation.

67. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?

68. Which among the following is not included in the list of classical languages in India?

69. Who is the winner of Harivarasanam Puraskaram in 2017?

70. Which among the following was the movement founded by Ayyathan Gopalan?

71. Who was the first woman minister of Foreign affairs in India?

72. Which leader is known as ‘Prince of Patriots’?

73. If a=1/3 and b=1/5,then the value of a+b/ab is

74. If 4p=86,then P is

75. If 70% of the students in a school are Girls and the number of Boys is 504,then the number of Girls is

76. A can finish a work in 20 days.A and B together can finish the work in 12 days.Then B alone can finish the work in

77. If the average of 13,15 and a is 16.Then a is

78. The perimeter of a square is 24,then its diagonal is of lengh

79. What is to be added to 236 to get 237?

80. The average age of 50 pupils in a class is 10.5.If the class teacher is included,the average increases by 5.Then the age of the class teacher is

81. .If the nth term of an AP is 2n+1.Then the sum of the first three terms is

82. .The fractional form of ½ of 1% is

83. Which one of the words given below is different from the rest?

84. The angle between minute hand and hour hand of a clock when the clock shows 3 hours and 20 minutes

85. .The calender for the year 1982 is same as for which year

86. Today is Monday.Then day of the week after 75 days is

87. If GUN is coded as HVO,what will IBU stands for?

88. .If TOM=48 and DICK=27,then HARIS is equal to

89. Sita’s watch shows half past three.If the hour hand point towards East,the minute hand point towards

90. A and B are brothers,C and D are sisters.A’s son is D’s brother.How is B related to C?

91. My brother is 562 days older to me while my sister is 75 weeks older to him.If my sister was born on Tuesday,on which day was I born?

92. .GLOVE is to hand as HAT is to

93. The baggage--------------really heavy.

94. .The Principal and Chairman -------the meeting

95. .The passive form of”They have built a bridge”is

96. More than one--------playing outside.

97. Ram went to Saudi Arabia--------year ago.

98. The boy jumped----the pond to take the ball.

99. Stand up----------

100. .Arun said,”charity begins at home”.Report the speech.

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