Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 3 Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 3

Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 3.

1. Who was the founder of the Samatva Samajam;

2. Who is the Father of Local Self Government in India;

3. International Yoga Day is observed on;

4. Who was the first President of Nair Service Society?

5. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified on;

6. The Lion Capital of Saranath belongs to which King;

7. How many banks were nationalised in 1969?

8. Which was the language of discourse of Gautama Buddha?

9. The famous Mamankam festival was celebrated at;

10. The name ‘Vagbhatananda' was given to V K GunIkkal by;

11. The Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in the year;

12. The subject 'Forest' is included in which List of the Constitution;

13. In which state is the Corbett National Park situated?

14. Which Prime Minister of India launched the Project Tiger;

15. The National Forest Policy aims to achieve ______ percent of the land under forest cover;

16. The Forest Research Institute of India is situated at;

17. In which district is the Arippa Forest School situated;

18. Which is the last formed wildlife sanctuary of Kerala?

19. Salim All Bird Sanctuary is situated at;

20. Who was the First Forest Minister of Kerala?

21. Which is the only district of Kerala not to have any protected forest land?

22. Which artist decorated the hand written copy of the Constitution with pictures?

23. Which Article deals with the Constitutional Amendment procedures?

24. The Preamble of the Constitution has been amended;

25. Which Writ is issued to a detaining authority?

26. The total number of official languages in India;

27. Which Committee of the Parliament is headed by the Leader of Opposition?

28. Who decides that a bill is Money Bill or not;

29. Which Amendment reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18?

30. India shares maximum land border with;

31. Which Indian lake is famous for floating islands?

32. Who headed the first Education Commission of Independent India ;

33. The Right to Information Act came into force on;

34. Which state's classical dance form is Satriya?

35. Which among the followings is a terrestrial planet?

36. Which was the last Sultan Dynasty of Delhi?

37. Which metal is present in chlorophyll;

38. Which was the last formed district of Kerala?

39. What is used the manufacture lead pencil;

40. Which metal is stored in mineral oil?

41. Which was India's fast atomic reactor?

42. Which was the first satellite launched from India?

43. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

44. Orology is the study of:

45. Which is the most abundant metal on the Earth's crust;

46. The ozone layer is situated in;

47. What is the average weight of human heart?

48. Which part of the brain is known as 'little brain'?

49. The total number of muscles in human hody?

50. Which among the followings is not a genetic disease?

51. Who calculates the National Income of India?

52. Which Five Year Plan was based on Harrod-Doman Model;

53. Who was the founder of the Bharatiya Vidbya Bhavan;

54. Who was the author of 'The Discovery of India'?

55. Operation Vijay was carried out in 1961 for the liberation of;

56. Who was the first female recipient of Bharat Ratna?

57. 'Satyameva Jayate' is taken from;

58. The first Buddhist Council was held at;

59. Which was the ruling period of Ruiz Sultana?

60. Arya Samaj was founded in the year;

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