Excise Officer Mock Test 2 Excise Officer Mock Test 2

Kerala PSC Excise Officer Mock Test 2

1. Which Article makes the Supreme Court & a court of Record?

2. Which Constitutional Amendment of 1988 lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?

3. The code name of the first vehicle driven by man on the moon’s surface:

4. In which year IT act came into force in India?

5. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is known as:

6. In which place Mortuary temple of Seti 1 located?

7. .In which country recently conducted the first Brain implantation?

8. Name the Identity Card given to artisans in Gujarat for National recognition:

9. .Who was appointed as Sub Collector of Thalassery to suppress the revolt of Pazhassi Raja

10. Name the robot has been introduced by Kumbakonam based City Union Bank to Improve customer Service:

11. Name the revolutionary Cuban leader who dies on 25th November 2016

12. .In which year NABARD was established?

13. Who is the present Chairman of National Hydro Electric Power Corporation?

14. Headquarters of the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)

15. Name of currency of Japan:

16. India’s Satellite launch-pad is located at:

17. A method of growing plants without soil:

18. Name of Tibetan Word for New Year:

19. Where did International court of Justice situated?

20. World Television Day is celebrated on:

21. Which is the capital of Australia?

22. Who is the Chairman of ISRO?

23. Which British Viceroy was related to Subsidiary Alliance System?

24. n which year the Twelfth Five year plan started?

25. Newly elected President of USA on November 8,2016:

26. In which state Kakatiya Thermal Power Project existed?

27. Where did the first Satyagraha experiment made by Gandhi in India?

28. Where did Keibul Lamjao National Park,the worlds only floating national park was located?

29. Which University has developed the worlds first light seeking Synthetic Nano Robot?

30. First state to launch Cyber Police Stations in each districts in India:

31. Number of Tinais mentioned in Sangam literature:

32. Who is the founder of Atmavidyasangam?

33. Where is Jose Maria Cordova International Airport located?

34. Which is the Coastal Port City had trade relations with Yavanas,situated on the banks of River periyar?

35. In which state’Annapurna Rasoi Programme’to provide quality meal at cheap price to weaker sections of people was launched?

36. The Head quarters f Malayalam University in Kerala situated:

37. Which Day is Celebrated as Natiaonal Milk Day?

38. Who was the leader of 1857 revolt in Baraut Pargana in Uttarpradesh?

39. Who implemented the first Five Year Plan in Soviet Union?

40. Name the event which was followed as a part of Anti-Rowlatt struggle in India?

41. In which year Kundara proclamation declared?

42. Which country’s court poet was Atula in the ancient Kerala?

43. The first Swadeshi printing press started by Chavara Kuriakose Elias:

44. The first book completely printed in Malayalam:

45. Which Indian river is known as Tsangpo in China?

46. Who was the exponent of ‘Aiyyavazhi’system of belief?

47. The tallest Peak in Himalaya Mountains:

48. Which Planet is famous for its big Red Spot on it?

49. Which University is Renamed as Kerala University?

50. Who wrote ‘Prachina Malayalam’?

51. .The ‘Dronacharya Award’was given to:

52. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

53. The pass located at the Southern end of Nilgiri Hills in South India:

54. Who invented the Steam Engine?

55. Numismatics is the study of:

56. What is the name of the first satellite sent into space?

57. Which instrument is used to measure Pressure?

58. Which is the border line that sepaerates India and Pakistan?

59. .Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?

60. Where is the headquarters of National Thermal Power Corporation situated?

61. What is the sum of the even integers from 100 to 1000?

62. 10% of x is 25% of y then x:y is:

63. (1-1/3)(1-1/4)(1-1/5)---------(1-1/100)=--------

64. If 100/3*3n-3n-1=891,then the value of ‘n’is:

65. .The cost price of 60 articles is equal to the selling price of 50 articles.The gain % is:

66. Average of a,b,c is p and ab+bc+ca=3,What is the average of a2,b2,c2?

67. .A square garden measuring 10 meter on a side is surrounded by a 2 meter wide path.What is the are of the path?

68. 148.62+5.891+36.4+213.06=-------

69. .A work can finish 6 male workers or 9 female workers in 20 days.How many days take to finish the same work with 4 male workers and 4 female workers?

70. A bank is calculate the simple interest at the rate 12 ½%,how many years take a fixed amount become doubled:

71. A and B start from a fixed point, A moves 6 km west ward and turns left and then covers 5km,B moves 3 km north ward and stand there.The distance between A and B now is:

72. P is Q’s brother,Q is R’s sister and R is S’s father then S is P’s:

73. .Which of the following is replaces the question mark.7:9::343:?

74. Seen through a mirror,the arms of a clock shows 8.50.What is the actual time?

75. BACD is coded as 2134,what would HFEG stands for:

76. .Find the missing number of the series.9,16,30,-,114

77. Find the odd man out:

78. If the Christmas day of 2017 is MONDAY,then the Republic Day of 2018 is:

79. If means-,^means /,v means x then the value of 16^ 4V 2<2>3

80. Find out the correct alternative with the series.K4J3RPQ2TV3A3

81. .Select a world synonymous with ;INTEGRITY’.

82. Each of these apartment buildings has ---------own swimming pool

83. Use the correct adverb to replace the groups of words in bold letters.He,was appointed principal,”FOR THE PRESENT TIME ONLY”:

84. Identify the sentence “Look before you leap”:

85. We agree -----------most things

86. Put the adjectives in right order.The house was-----building

87. Choose the correct plural form of ‘Basis’

88. The noun ‘SPONTANEITY’belongs to which category:

89. Many a man--------tempted by gold

90. Select the word which is opposite to ‘STERN’:

91. .Choose the most apporpriate word: The –of a railway engine is almost deafening.

92. Use the correct conditionals She would buy a pony,if ----enough money

93. Find the phrase that best fits in to the blank in the sentence The occasion ---------prompt action

94. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom: “To show the white feather”

95. The boy,along with the tourists-gone

96. .Find out the passive form of: “Does she know me”?

97. .Choose the correctly spelt word:

98. Which sentence is correct?

99. .Choose the correct tag question:Don’t make any noise,-----------?

100. .Complete the sentence meaningfully: Seeing that the child was ill,the:

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