Police Constable Mock Test 1 Police Constable Mock Test 1

Kerala PSC Police Constable Mock Test 1.

1. Study of fossils is termed as

2. Host for the FIFA World Cup 2018:

3. Who won Hong Kong Open Badminton title?

4. English Premier League is associated with the game of:

5. The role of’Palani’in the film of ‘Chemmeen’is played by:

6. The first Indian who won an Oscar

7. The autobiography of Nelson Mandela:

8. Who is the winner of the Bharat Ratna 2008?

9. .Head Quarter of Southern Railway

10. Changing of National Knowledge Commission:

11. Where is Ashtamudi Lake situated?

12. When does South-West Monsoon blow?

13. The capital of Lakshadweep:

14. One of the following is not a Kharif crop:

15. The state which has no railway line:

16. A natural fertilizer:

17. Who is regarded as the father of Medicine?

18. Number of chromosomes in human cell:

19. Which is treated as the King of fruits?

20. Chemical name for ‘Baking Soda’?

21. .The organ which is considered as the chemical laboratory of human body:

22. The author of’Meghdoot’

23. The oldest dynasty in ancient India:

24. The script of the edicts of Ashoka:

25. Disciple of Vivekananda:

26. Indian National Congress adopted the resolution for ‘Poorna Swaraj’in the year of”

27. The Right to property in India is a:

28. The nature of India as a secular state:

29. Article 52 of the constitution is associated with:

30. The council of Ministers is responsible to:

31. Judiciary of India is:

32. The association in which related to the formation of the Right to Information Act:

33. Chairperson for the National Commission for women:

34. ’Ayyankali Employment Guarantee Programme’is associated with

35. Chipko movement is popular in:

36. .The state which is not a member of UNO:

37. Copen Hegan protocol was for:

38. Where is the International Criminal Court situated?

39. Head quarters of ASEAN:

40. The largest urban population district in Kerala:

41. First completely eecrified district in Kerala:

42. The northern most river in Kerala:

43. Find out a variety of paddy from the following:

44. When did St.Thomas visit of Kerala?

45. The writ of Habeas Corpus is issuing against:

46. Constitution forbids the employment of children below the age of -----------is dangerous jobs

47. It is the mandatory of the police to take an arrested person before the nearest magistrate within----------hours

48. The side of pedestrians in the road:

49. The authority which gives advice on legal matters to the government of India:

50. Winner of ‘Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace Disarmament and Development’for 2010:

51. Winner of ‘Ashan Prize’for 2010:

52. The present Chairman of Rajya Sabha:

53. The book ‘Planned Economy for India’was written by:

54. Who was nicknamed as the ‘Milk man of India’:

55. .Deputy Chairman of the planning Commission:

56. Who created the world’s first implantable artificial kidney?

57. Which star is known as the’Dog Star’?

58. Kennedy space centre is located at:

59. Which of the following is wrongly spelt?

60. She will complete the project tomorrow-------------?

61. The thief -----------arrested by the Inspector yesterday

62. Palentology is the study of:

63. I sent the books--------------post

64. The opposite of optimist is------------

65. I know -----------old man who gave----------present to her yesterday

66. The word hilarious means:

67. The dog is in its:

68. It is a-----------------to meet you

69. Everybody is happy---------?

70. Mr.Balan Nair with his family ---------attending the party

71. The patient ---------before the doctor arrived

72. The Minister-------------the prizes in the annual day

73. He has been sleeping----------morning

74. This is Nandan-----------real name in Chandrasekhar

75. The students as well as the teacher -----------reading

76. Malini is not so ----------as Salini

77. Anu-----the library twice in a week

78. The mother told the child that she----------her school the next day

79. A and B are travelling from one point by different trains in opposite directions.The speed of A’s train is 45 Km.hr and that of B’s train 35 Km/hr.How far away with A be from B after 4hrs.

80. .In certain code STUDENT is written as UVWFGPV,how would TEACHER be written in the same code?

81. Arun earns Rs.90 in 7 hours and Varun Rs.120 in 11 hours.The ration of their earnings is

82. The diagonal of a rectangle is 10 cm and one of its sides is 6 cm.It area is-

83. A number consists of two digits.The digits in the ten’s place is 2 times of the digit in the unit’s place.If 36 is substracted from the number,the digits are reversed.The number is

84. A sum of money doubles itseld in 5 years.The number of years,it would trebles itself is

85. The salaries of Raju and Ramu together amount to Rs.12,000.Raju spents 85% of his salary and Ramu 75% of his.If now the savings are the same,What is Ramu’s salary?

86. The average salary of a group of unskilled workers is Rs.20,000 and that of a group of skilled workers is Rs.30,000.If the combined salary is Rs.23,000.then what is the percentage of skilled workers?

87. There are 4000 literates in a village.45 % read Newspaper A and 65% read Newspaper B.25% read neither A nor B.How many persons read both the newspapers?

88. There are 4000 literates in a village.45 % read Newspaper A and 65% read Newspaper B.25% read neither A nor B.How many persons read both the newspapers?

89. A train moving with uniform speed passed a bridge of length 2000 metres in 2 ½ minutes.It took ½ minutes to pass a telephone post.What is the length of the train in metres?

90. If the sum of the squares of 3 consecutive natural numbers is 149,then the sum of these 3 number is

91. The ratio between the radius and height of a circular one of volume 314 cm (cube) is 5:12.Its height is

92. The average age of 17 players is 22.When a new player is included in the squad,the average age became 23.What is the age of the player included

93. A person saved Rs.9760 in 8 years,In each year after the first year,he saved Rs.200 more than he did in the proceeding year.The amount of money he saved in the first year was

94. There are 3 numbers .The product of the first and the second is 700.The product of second and the third is 480.The product of the first and the third is 840.Find the numbers

95. Geethu purchased 12 pencils and 8 pens for Rs.124.Neethu purchased 5 pencils and 10 pens for Rs.105,From the same trader,at the same rate,What is the price of one pencil?

96. Which is the least number,when it is divided by 7,13 and 28,the reminder becomes 6?

97. Find the missing number in the series 357,180,91,46,-----------11

98. Two students fought a college election.The winning student got 58% of the total votes and won the election by 196 votes only.What is the total number of votes polled?

99. The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission:

100. The scientist who won Nobel prize for chemistry in the year 2017

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