VEO Mock Test 9 VEO Mock Test 9

Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Mock Test 9.

1. The Author of `Prithvi Raj Raso' was:

2. The first Canatic war came to an end with the:

3. Permanent land Revenue settlement was introduced in Bengal by:

4. 'Doctrine of Lapse' was applied by

5. Principles of Panchesheel were framed in: -

6. The author of 'India Today'

7. Local Self Govt. in India, for the first time was introduced by

8. The President of Pakistan who signed the Tashkent Agreement after the Indo-Pak War of 1965 was:

9. The war between India and China took place in

10. Tashkent Pact was signed between

11. Mamamkam,the great ancient regional festival was held at:

12. Kollam Era began

13. The longest river in Kerala.

14. Mixed colony system was introduced by:

15. Sathujana Paripalana Yogam was started by

16. The first Chief Minister of Travancore popular ministry

17. The temple entry proclamation was issued by

18. Malayalee Sabha was organized by:.

19. Cochin State Prajamandal was formed in

20. Electricity Agitation of Cochin was against the decision of the Diwan:

21. A Thermos flask is polished well:

22. Co-efficient of thermal conductivity depends on:

23. A device used to detect heat radiation is known as

24. Which of the following is a compound ?

25. Hardest naturally occuring substance

26. A form of carbon used in Gas masks

27. The gas used in the Refrigerator is:

28. Estimation of halogens in organic compound is done by

29. The metal which does not react with dilute sulphuric acid:

30. In free state, hydrogen is present in:

31. The disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin A

32. The insect which lays eggs in water is:

33. The mosquito that spreads malaria in man is named

34. Which is the function of the white blood corpuscles?

35. Which of the process liberates energy?

36. During the solar eclipse, which of the following represents the relative position of the sun, moon and earth correctly ?

37. A degree of Longitude has about the same length as a degree of Latitude at:

38. The supersonic aircraft find it most convenient to fly in the

39. Seismograph is used to measure

40. Which one among the following is known as 'Pittsburg of India' ?

41. The first political leader who got Nobel prize for literature.

42. The winner of Women's Wimbledon Championship of 2007 ?

43. Present secretary general of United Nations

44. Jim Corbett National Park is in:

45. The country used paper currency first in the world.

46. Father of cell phone

47. The modem quantity theory of money was developed by:

48. Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the year

49. National Flag of India was designed by

50. Human Rights day is observed all over the world every year on

51. Gautama Buddha was born at

52. The Chera king known as 'Red Chera'

53. Alexander the great defeated:

54. Indica was written by

55. The second Buddhist council was held at

56. Who is popularly known as Indian Napoleon

57. Last king of the Kakatiya dynasty

58. In the second battle of Tarrain in 1192, Mohammed Gori defeated

59. The king on the throne of Vijayanagar at the time of the battle of Talikota

60. Qutb-ud-din Aibak built the Quwaat-ul-Islam mosque to commemorate his capture

61. The wisest fool of medieval India is

62. 'Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi' was written by

63. Ibn Batuta, the famous Arab Scholar visited India during the reign of

64. `Purana Quila' in Delhi was built by

65. 'AshtraPratan' was the council of Ministers of :

66. `Zapti' is the land revenue system introduced by

67. Jahangir the Mughal ruler murdered the Sikh Guru:

68. The Mughal Gardens-Shalimar and Nishad in Srinagar were built by:

69. 'Ustad Isa' was the Architect of:

70. Harihara and Bukka laid the foundation of:

71. If the driver ........... the brake, the car would have hit the old man

72. There weren't any hotels nearby, .............. ?

73. It was with great difficulty he gained entry to the auditorium, but he made a sudden ...........

74. The thieves not only robbed the travellers ............. , beat them up.

75. I .......... him the truth, if I were you.

76. Would you mind .......... the door ?

77. I wish he .......... settle the issue soon.

78. The appropriate meaning of 'run-of-the-mill'

79. Midhun said 'Do you enjoy cricket' ? (Change into indirect speech)

80. One must always be careful in ........... dealings with others.

81. Rahul is very rich. He can buy a car (Combine using 'enough')

82. Meaning of the Phrase 'Ad hoc'.

83. Everyone looked up to him (Change into passive voice)

84. This juice is made ........... fresh oranges.

85. Our Chief Minister is a person of long experience in politics (Use one word for the words underlined).

86. The mis spelt word among the following words. Synonym, Synagogue, Symposiam, Symptom

87. When the police interrogated the thief, he made a clean breast of everything.(Meaning of the idiom underlined)

88. It is five years .......... I retired

89. The bundle is so heavy that I cannot lift it (Use 'too' instead of `so that')

90. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word 'profound'?

91. The government has decided to ........... all unauthorised buildings.

92. ........... you apologize, he won't forgive you.

93. The mother was well as her three children ........... taken to the hospital

94. The old man was too weak to travel ......... himself

95. Roshan was so absorbed .......... his work that he didn't even raise his dead

96. It ........... heavily when I woke up yesterday

97. Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the people to .............. the cruelties of British authorities.

98. Opposite of the word 'rigid'

99. Few students knew the answer ............ ?

100. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word economical

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