VEO Mock Test 7 VEO Mock Test 7

Kerala PSC Degree Level Exam Mock Test 7.

1. An ancient temple which is considered as 'Southern Dwaraka'

2. Which article of our Constitution forbids child labour ?

3. Study of soil is called

4. The diversity between eco system is called

5. Chief Information Commissioner of India

6. Red Ribbon Clubs are associated with:

7. Which is not an amendment of Montreal Protocol ?

8. The Disaster Management Committee at block level is headed by

9. World Anti-Tobacco Day is celebrated on:

10. Name the countries that have recently become victims of Tsunami:

11. Capital Market Regulatory Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India

12. An abnormal fear of Crowd is called

13. Which one of the following divides India into almost two halves ?

14. Economic Planning is an area coming under:

15. Which country in the following is not included in the list of G-8 countries ?

16. Which is not a green house gas ?

17. Voting age was reduced to 18 from 21 by:

18. Drain theory was propounded by

19. Safety Valve Theory

20. Inter State Water Dispute Act was passed in

21. Year of formation of Travancore Cochin Union

22. 'A Gift to the Monotheists' is the contribution of

23. First anti-caste movement against the practice of untouchability and unapproachability in India

24. The expression 'Tragedy of Commons' was propounded by:

25. Which country among the following is not a member of 'UNO' ?

26. The concept of Federation is borrowed from

27. Heart transplant Surgery was initiated by :

28. Laser was invented by:

29. Primary education was added to the list of fundamental rights by the

30. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee Submit its report

31. How many times can a person be elected as President of India :

32. Old name of Ecology:

33. Kerala Lok Ayukta Act of 1999 was amended in

34. Heavy industries and Capital goods industries are given top priority in the growth model of:

35. Which of the following is not a criterion of HDI?

36. ISRO successfully launched its first lunar probe. Chandrayan- I, on :

37. Which of the following provides Vital Services for telecommunications and disaster warming needs of India ?

38. Acid rain is caused by the mission of:

39. The organ that regulates body temperature in human beings :

40. The Metropolitan city nearest to the Equator :

41. 'Being tired, he fell asleep'. This sentence, when changed into the compound form, becomes

42. .............. of the three boys should meet me.

43. My uncle has worked in Chennai ............. twenty years.

44. The manager wanted to know ............ done the job.

45. Everyone had warned me about the weather before I went to Delhi. 'This sentence, when changed into the passive voice form, becomes

46. Identify the correct sentence

47. They won't ...........

48. Sreekutty is ....... of the two girls in our class.

49. Everyone was present yesterday ..........

50. Carry an umbrella lest it ........ rain.

51. Chicken pox is a ............ disease

52. One who lives for pleasure is called a ............

53. The opposite of the word 'oriental' is ............

54. Identify the word which comes closest in meaning to 'tacit'.

55. Which of the following words is correctly spelt?

56. The expression 'vox populi, vox doe' means:

57. 'He left India for good' may be translated into Malayalam as:

58. Identify the correct match:

59. The plural form of 'Son-in-law' is ...........

60. A ............. of wolves :

61. The resolution of a computer monitor is determined by:

62. Which of the following is an impact printer ?

63. Pick the odd one out :

64. The maximum speed at which data, can be transferred between two modes on a network is called:

65. The means by which all computers connected to the internet identify each other is

66. Who is known as the father of free software foundation ?

67. HTML stands for:

68. Stealing one's name, address and other personal information through internet is known as

69. Which of the following is not a browser software?

70. The process of finding and correcting the logical errors in a computer program is called :

71. One Kilo byte stand for :

72. A gate in which all inputs must be low to get a high output is called:

73. The process of loading operating system into computer's primary memory called

74. The technology of second generation computers based on:

75. The device which converts digital signals into analog while transmission and viceversa at reception is called :

76. Who is known as the father of Internet ?

77. Name the chess playing computer developed by IBM that defeated world champion Garry Kasparov :

78. The term used for environmentally sustainable computing is:

79. The Linux-based operating system for mobile devices developed by the Open Handset Alliance

80. A measurement used in comparing software and Hardware performance :

81. The digital security system that uses some unique characteristic of human biology to identify authorized users:

82. An artificial environment that is created with software and present to the user in such a way that the user accept it as a real environment

83. Unwanted bulk messaging into email in box is known as :

84. The practice and study of techniques for secure data communication in the presence of third parties

85. The process of discovering new patterns from large data sets:

86. The part of a computer which is equivalent to human brain :

87. Which of the following is not a search engine ?

88. Find the binary equivalent of decimal number 31?

89. The set of programs which acts as an interface between user and computer

90. The device that allows a single communication channel to carry simultaneously data transmitted from many terminals:

91. In 2010, United Nations Climate change conference was held at:

92. Chief Justice of Kerala High Court

93. Chair person of Commission for women, Kerala:

94. In Tibet, River Brahmaputra is known as:

95. International year of bio-diversity

96. Which article of our constitution deals with amendments?

97. Miller effect is named after:

98. The property of fluids which enables them to oppose the relative motion between their different layers is called:

99. Which of the following will come under efforts to eliminate rural poverty ?

100. Author of Malabar Manual :

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