Company Board Assistant Mock Test 4 Company Board Assistant Mock Test 4

Company Board Corporation Assistant Grade II Mock test #4.

1. All creatures breathe. Here breathe is a/ an ________

2. A habit __________.

3. Pick out the collective noun in the following sentence. The police have caught the thief

4. Nom de plume means

5. Find out the wrongly spelt word.

6. A polytheist is one who believes in

7. A ______ satement is an implied comparison.

8. The policeman asked me where ______.

9. Who won the Laureus award for the best sports women of the year 2016?

10. The newly elected U.N. Secretary General Antonio Gutterez belongs to which country ?

11. Who got the Ezhuthachan prize of 2016 ?

12. Raju ranked 16th from the top and 29th from the bottom among those who passed an examination. 6 boys did not participate in the competition and five failed in it. How many boys were there ?

13. In a class of 60 Students, Where girls are twice that of boys, Kiran raked 17th from the top. If there are 9 girls a head of Kiran, how many boys are after him in rank?

14. Syam said to Adarsh: That boy playing with the football is the younger of the two brothers of the daughter of my fathers wife. How is the boy playing football related to Syam ?

15. According to a military code, SYSTEM is SYSMET and NEARER is AENRER. What is the code for FRACTION ?

16. Which of the following is known as non_volatile memory ?

17. _______________ helps create, manipulate and analyze data arranged in rows and columns?

18. Founder of Facebook ?

19. In IT Act 2008 SECTION 66 F deals with

20. Drama : Director :: Magazine : ?

21. Introduction : Conclusion ::

22. In a certain code BEAUTY is written as DHEZZF. How is FLOWER written in the same code ?

23. Raju Starts from A to B at a speed of 10 km/hr and returns with a speed of 15 km/hr. What is the average speed of the journey ?

24. The average of three numbers is 77. The first number is double the second, the second is double the third the numbers are ?

25. ഇന്ത്യന്‍ യൂണിയന്‍റെ ബഡ്ജറ്റിന്‍റെ പിതാവ് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്

26. നീലഗിരിയില്‍ നാരായണഗുരുകുലം സ്ഥാപിച്ചതാര് ?

27. ഏത് കോണ്ഗ്രസ് സമ്മേളനത്തിലാണ് ടി.കെ മാധവന്‍ വൈക്കം സത്യാഗ്രഹം സംബന്ധിച്ച പ്രമേയം അവതരിപ്പിച്ചത്?

28. മുഗള്‍ ഭരണത്തിനു അടിത്തറയിട്ട യുദ്ധം (1526)?

29. ഇന്ത്യന്‍ യൂണിയന്‍റെ ഏറ്റവും തെക്കേയറ്റം?

30. ആപേക്ഷിക സിദ്ധാന്തത്തിന്‍റെ ഉപജ്ഞാതാവ്?

31. ഏഷ്യന്‍ ഡെവലപ്മെന്റ് ബാങ്കിന്‍റെ ആസ്ഥാനം?

32. UNIVAC is

33. Which is considered as a input device?

34. Cyber terrorism

35. The information Technology Act in India was passed in the year?

36. Computers use ______ language to process data?

37. The components that process data are located in the?

38. Keyboard invented by

39. ENIAC full form

40. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risk except

41. The Widest gap across the western Ghats is

42. Mount Everest is located in the Himalayan range of

43. The biggest hydro _ electric project in Kerala

44. Gems, Rabies and Sapphires are associated with

45. The first president of Travancore State Congress

46. The Nivarthana Agitation of 1932 was against

47. The first state in India constituted on linguistic basis

48. Who proclaimed `Go back to Gita`?

49. Who was considered as the `Father of Indian Local Self __Government`?

50. The home of Bharatanatyam is?

51. The first Indian woman to get Nobel Prize?

52. Cuttack is situated on the banks of?

53. First Jute Mill in India is at ?

54. All India Radio came to be known as Akashvani from?

55. Which Social reformer was first nominated by Travnacore government as a member of Sri Mulam Praja Sabha?

56. Jathi Mimamsa is written by?

57. Indian railway’s Rail wheel Factory is located at?

58. Who was the first chairman of University Grant Commission?

59. The Bodo language is spoken in which of the following states?

60. Tembhli, the first Aadhar Village is in the state of

61. The first green field airport in India?

62. The joint river valley venture of India and Nepal?

63. The meaning of Mohenjodaro is

64. Queen Chand Bibi of Ahmednagar kingdom fought against?

65. The Viceroy who is associated with the appointment of the Public Service Commission in 1886?

66. The ‘Safarnama’ is written by?

67. The National Institute of Rural Development is located at?

68. Sravanabelagola is a holy place for?

69. The gift of Brahmaputra?

70. Who was described as a lion to the Huna deer by Banabhatta?

71. Where is Taxilla, the great centre of learning is located?

72. Who was the first European traveller to reach India via Africa?

73. Who was awarded with the nickname `Clemency`?

74. Name the Comarade of Gandhiji during his struggles in South Africa?

75. When did Udham Singh kill General Michael O`Dyer?

76. The Bombay Presidency association was formed in?

77. . താഴെ പറയുന്നവയില്‍ വേറിട്ടു നില്‍ക്കുന്ന പദമേത്?

78. ഇവയില്‍ ആഗമസന്ധിക്ക് ഉദാഹരണമല്ലാത്തതേത്?

79. രാപ്പകല്‍ സമാസമേത്?

80. ഒരു പദമേ ഇവയില്‍ ശരിക്കെഴുതിയിട്ടുള്ളൂ. അതേത്?

81. The staff speak as one man on this issue

82. കുന്തം പോയാല്‍ കുടത്തിലും തപ്പണം: ഏറ്റവും യോജിച്ച അര്‍ഥമേത്?

83. വെളുത്ത കുട്ടി വേഗത്തില്‍ ഓടി. ഈ വാക്യത്തില്‍ ക്രിയാവിശേഷണം ഏത്?

84. അനുപ്രയോഗം ഏത്? അവന്‍ വളരെ വേഗം ശത്രുക്കളെ തോല്പിച്ചു കളഞ്ഞു

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