Company Board Assistant Mock Test 3 Company Board Assistant Mock Test 3

Company Board Corporation Assistant Grade II Mock test #3.

1. Harriet is

2. The World"s highest railway is between

3. Chief Election Commissioner of India is

4. UNESCO has recognised a performing art form and of India as "a masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage." What is it?

5. Author of The Da Vinci Code is

6. "Dass Aattom" was the old name for

7. Which vedic rite takes the name for "Horse Sacrifice"?

8. The airport in India that has a claim of having the longest runway

9. "Kishangarh" painting emerged in

10. The first recipient of India Science Award instituted by Government of India

11. "Dhrupad" is a

12. The author of "Arthasastra" is

13. The Malayalam Film Director who received Dada Sahib Phalke Award

14. In India Census is taken in every ______ years

15. Numismatics is

16. Chairman of Knowledge Commission

17. Vice Chairman of Kerala Planning Board

18. In howmany languages the value of an Indian Currency note is recorded?

19. How many Municipal Corporation are there in Kerala?

20. The Budget of Kerala is presented in the Legislative Assembly by the

21. "Sopana Sangeetham" was known as

22. A Musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six-beating times, was

23. Rivers in Kerala that are flowing eastward

24. The first Malayalam cinema that got the Gold Medal of Rashtrapathi in ?

25. The cinema that claims to be the first digital cinema in Malayalam

26. There are ____ lakes in Kerala

27. The first Nrithya-Natya Award of Kerala was given to:

28. The Chief Information Commissioner of Kerala

29. First University in Kerala

30. Which is the highest peak in Kerala?

31. There are _____ Revenue Districts in Kerala

32. How many parliamentary Constituencies are there in Kerala?

33. How many Townships are there in Kerala?

34. The matriarchial Muslim Dynasty that ruled Kannur

35. Right to property in India, now is a

36. Fundamental duties of an Indian citizen is incorporated in _____ of the Constitution of India

37. Age prescribed for election as the President of India

38. Habeas Corpus is a

39. The district of Kerala which does not have forest

40. Salaries and allowances of the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly are

41. The next number in the series1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ___?

42. Pick out the number wich would be twice as much as 1/4th of 40:

43. The next letter chain: ANT, BOU, CPV___?

44. Which is the odd one in the following

45. Pick out the odd on:

46. Choose the odd one:

47. Odd one is the following is:

48. Teacher : School. Therefore Clerk _____?

49. Uncle : Aunt: then Father : ______?

50. Knowledge : Reading therefore Health:?

51. Capital : Interest; then Share?

52. If a book is a flower what will be its pages?

53. The world that could not be made from HARMONISE

54. Showing a woman, Kesavan said: She is the only daughter of the son of my grandfather. Then what is the relation of Kesavan with that woman?

55. The next letter is E G J N .

56. A = 1, B = 3, C = 5 than J = ?

57. Next number in the series 6, 13, 21, 30, 40, 51, 63, ____

58. Next word pair. Tree, Shrub, Mountain, ?

59. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3; How can we write ADICT in numbers?

60. 5= 52, 6 = 63, 7 = 94. Therefore 8 = ?

61. Collaborate means:

62. Onus means:

63. Antonym of deficit is:

64. Antonym of delicious is:

65. Synonym of delight is:

66. With a view to properly, a detailed list is appended to : Fill up the blank with the correct part of speech of verify from the following

67. In accordance - the provisions of law, it is inadmissible

68. From the following choose the word that is the nearest in meaning to the word underlined. "Vechur cow" is indigenous to Kerala

69. I think I had better - in training

70. It is too large a house for us to _____ in.

71. You are my student _____

72. I _____ a letter to my mother, yesterday

73. Find out the meanig of the word "methodical" from the alternatives given below

74. Correct form of the word from the alternative is:

75. There is no chance of your getting that medicine Frame a question to the above statement from the following

76. Pick out the noun form of "generous" from the following

77. Which is the past participle of flow?

78. Pick out the most effective words from the given words to fill in the blank: Sunil – play football everyday.

79. Yesterday, I – called on my friend. But I forgot

80. Would you mind – the window?

81. Which Indian city was presented to the British as royal dowry?

82. Muhammed bin Tughlaq transferred his capital in 1327 to Devagiri. What is its modern name?

83. Who deciphered the inscription on the Asoka pillars found in Firozabad?

84. With which kingdom is king Bimbisara associated?

85. Between which two countries was the Tashkant Agreement signed?

86. Forward Block was founded in 1939 by:

87. Frist Law Minister of Independent India was

88. Vijayanagar empire was destroyed in the battle of:

89. "Do or Die" was a concept in the Indian Independence Movement. It was introduced by

90. Indian Independence Act was brought into force on

91. Boiling point is the temperature at which:

92. An instrument for determining temperature is:

93. Perumbra is :

94. Systolic pressure is:

95. The only sea that has no coast line is

96. A city in India along Nag river is considered to be almost at the centre of India, geographically What is the name of it?

97. Which is the single largest mangrove area in the world?

98. State of Tripura shares a border with:

99. Smallest country in the world is

100. Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island are located in:

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