Kerala PSC Social Welfare Schemes Questions and Answers

1. KSEB യുടെ കീഴിലുള്ള ജലവൈദ്യുത പദ്ധതികൾ

Answer: 23

2. ദാരിദ്ര രേഖയ്ക്ക് താഴെയുള്ളവർക്ക് പാചകവാതകം നൽകുന്ന കേന്ദ്ര സർക്കാരിൻറെ പുതിയ പദ്ധതി

Answer: പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി ഉജ്ജ്വൽ യോജന

3. Balika Samridhi Yojana is:

Answer: Fully Centrally Sponsored Scheme

4. Which one of the following statements with regard to the 'Make in India' initiative of the Government of India is not correct?

Answer: The programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Finance.

5. The beneficiaries of Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) are selected from

Answer: The below poverty line(BPL) list approved by the GramaSabha.

6. Accredited Social Health Activist(ASHA) started in 2005. Number of diseases covered by Integrated Child Development Scheme?

Answer: 6

7. The 'Nalanda Project' is a programme of the ministry of

Answer: Minority Affairs

8. An IAY (Indira Awaas Yojana) house shall not be alienated for a period of:

Answer: 10 years

9. In which year the Government 1 of Kerala launched Kudumbashree?

Answer: 1998 May 17

10. Which Prime Minister of India Inaugurated the Kudumbashree project at Malappuram?

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

11. Which is the ward level organ of the Kudumbasbree?

Answer: Area Development Society (ADS)

12. What is the flagship name of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission?

Answer: Aajeevika

13. Which is the main funding agency of the NRLM?

Answer: The World Bank

14. Which programme is the restructured version of the Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)?

Answer: NRLM

15. Universal social mobilization, financial inclusion & livelihoods enhancement are the three major pillars of _____?

Answer: NRLM

16. In which financial year was the Pradhan Manthri Adharsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY) launched?

Answer: 2009-10

17. Who pays the premium of the RSBY?

Answer: The Government

18. What was the basic component of the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)?

Answer: Self Help Groups (SHG)

19. In which year was the Pradhan Mantri Adharsh Gram Yojana formally Launched?

Answer: 2010

20. Who presented the Objective Resolution in the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

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