Kerala PSC English Grammar Questions and Answers

1. Five years__ a long time to wait

Answer: is

2. ______ dog is ______ useful animal

Answer: the

3. Change the voice: He opened the door.

Answer: The door was opened by him

4. The boy had finished his homework when _______
a. I call him
b. I have called him
c. I had called him
d. I called him

Answer: I called him

5. He did not eat the cake; she did not eat it ________
a. nor
b. or
c. either
d. neither

Answer: either

6. The older he got _____he became.
a. the happy
b. the happier
c. happier
d. more happier

Answer: the happier

7. One Word Substitution: Condition involving difficulty in reading and spelling.
a. Hypothermia
b. Dyslexia
c. Dyspepsia
d. None of these

Answer: Dyslexia

8. Would you mind_______________________this letter?

Answer: posting

9. Meena danced well .........?

Answer: didn\'t she

10. "Carpe diem" means :

Answer: Enjoy the present day

11. "Don't play at night" is a/an ______________ sentence.

Answer: negative

12. Nothing was known about him __________ ?

Answer: was it

13. The match ___________ by their team.

Answer: has been won

14. Which one is the longest river in Asia ??

Answer: Yangtze

15. You gained an advantage ____ me.

Answer: over

16. Mr.Balan Nair with his family ---------attending the party

Answer: .Is

17. ”Thank you”,he said(Change to indirect speech)

Answer: He said that he thanked me

18. The child ………….. for two hours

Answer: have been sleeping

19. ……………. a lovely place?

Answer: Who

20. He was sorry .....late last night.

Answer: about coming

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