Kerala PSC English Grammar Questions and Answers

1. A new series of hundred rupee notes ____ been issued

Answer: has

2. I ____ walk ten miles without getting tired

Answer: can

3. If I were a bird, __________

Answer: I would fly away

4. Fill in the blanks
She reached _____ her destination in time

Answer: nothing required

5. I have lost my______of keys.

Answer: bunch

6. Mohan is five years senior ______ Jaleel

Answer: than

7. Poor people hardly get loans from nationalised banks, ______?
a. did they
b. do they
c. didn’t they
d. don’t they

Answer: do they

8. _____ is a synonym of ‘hostile
a. Disobedient
b. Unhappiness
c. Credible
d. Unfriendly

Answer: Unfriendly

9. Many people _____________the poor.

Answer: looked down on

10. Find the correct spelling :

Answer: Bureaucracy

11. .Choose the antonym of the word 'rigid'

Answer: flexible

12. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs. The managing director is away on tour. He- - - - - - to London

Answer: has gone

13. Many a life .......... lost in the ship wreck.

Answer: has been

14. __________ the Panchayath President nor the members attended the meeting.

Answer: Neither

15. He said, "I bought a house in Mumbai" , The indirect speech of the sentence is :

Answer: He said that he had bought a house in Mumabi

16. You gained an advantage ____ me.

Answer: over

17. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘RESERVED’:

Answer: Talkative

18. The terrorists blew ....... the bridge.

Answer: up

19. Choose the passive voice of—‘Who ate my cheese?’

Answer: By whom was my cheese eaten ?

20. The child ………….. for two hours

Answer: have been sleeping

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