Kerala PSC English Grammar Questions and Answers

1. The early _____ catches the worm

Answer: bird

2. That\\\'s Kumar. He\\\'s ___ travel agent

Answer: a

3. Would you mind _____ this letter
a. posting
b. posted
c. posts
d. post

Answer: posting

4. I ______ him lately.
a. have not seen
b. have not seen
c. will not see
d. did not see

Answer: have not seen

5. All the money ______ kept in the locker.
a. are
b. is
c. were
d. have been

Answer: is

6. Find the correct spelling :

Answer: Bureaucracy

7. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposi,tion: I have been staying here ------- 2005

Answer: since

8. Neither of the two speakers ....... eloquent.

Answer: was

9. We ___________ all yeaterday.

Answer: worked

10. If you had ordered it, I _______________ it.

Answer: would have arranged

11. The authority turned down the proposal. The italicized phrase means ______.

Answer: rejected

12. Ab initio means ___________

Answer: from the beginning

13. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

Answer: reccommend

14. Which country is world's first smoking free country ??

Answer: Bhutan

15. Choose the correctly spelt word:

Answer: Pronunciation

16. Everyone has heard of ‘phrasal verbs’, ___?

Answer: haven’t they

17. Geetha suggested ____ to the cinema.

Answer: going

18. Students looked very bored _____ the lesson.

Answer: during

19. As a goal-scorer Pele’s superiority…………other footballers was indisputable

Answer: Over

20. To be indifferent_________________our work is a serious offence.

Answer: to

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