Google Task Mate invitation code Referral Code Google Task Mate invitation code Referral Code

Google Task Mate invitation code Referral Code

Google Task Mate (beta) is limited to selected testers at the moment. Please only download this app if you have a referral code as we are unable to extend further invites at this time. Download Google Task Mate from Google Playstore. 

  •  Find tasks nearby
  • Complete a task to begin earning
  • Cash out your earnings

How to use and earn money from Google Task Make?

  • 1. First download the app from the Google play store.
  • 2. Then open the app and login with your Gmail account.
  • 3. After that select the suitable language and click on continue.
  • 4. Enter the referral code which is at the end of the page.
  • 5. Accept the terms and conditions and then proceed.
  • 6. You will get to see the available task just complete the task and earn money.

Task Mate is a beta app made by Google that provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world. For example, take a photo of a nearby restaurant, answer survey questions about your preferences, or help translate sentences from English to your local language. You can participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. Tasks can be completed any time, from anywhere.

You will be paid in local currency for the tasks that you complete accurately and you will need an account with a third party payments processor. When you’re ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner in our app, then visit your profile page and hit the “cash out” button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency. Please note - this app is in beta, as we continue to learn more about how to provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing.

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