First Aid Quiz 1 PSC First Aid Quiz 1

First Aid Quiz 1

1. What is the technique used for opening the air way of an unconscious person?

2. What is the recommended compression to rescue breath ratio while performing CPR on an adult person in cardiac arrest?

3. What is the most suitable measure to control nose bleed or Epistaxis?

4. You have witnessed as a person is suffering from electric burn. Your first action will be

5. In case of Snake bite, what are the measures a person should take before seeking medical care

6. A victim of road traffic accident complaints of severe pain in left lower leg and he cant move the extremity.What are the first aid measures you should give to the person

7. What are the first aid measures for saving a choking infant

8. On he way to office you find a person lying unresponsive in road. What is the first priority action to save the life

9. Identify the statement which is true regarding splinting

10. A person was taking food in a restaurant.Suddenly he stands and hold his neck and showing some discomfort and not able to speak.What is the best priority action to perform in this context

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