Maths Reasoning Quiz 4 PSC Maths Reasoning Quiz 4

Maths Reasoning Quiz 4

1. Code for GATE is ETAG, then the code for SLATE will be

2. Arjun walks 2 kms northwards and then he turns right and moves 3 kms. He again turns right and goes 2 kms and turns his left and starts walking straight. In which direction he is walking now ?

3. Raj can do a piece of work in 5 hours. Hari and Siva can do it in 3 hours. Raj and Siva can do it in 4 hours. How long will Hari take to do it ?

4. How many words can be formed from ‘INDEPENDENCE’ without changing the order of letters and using each letter only once ?

5. Pointing to a woman a man said “Her father is the only son of my father.” How is the man related to the woman ?

6. The average of seven consecutive numbers is 26. The largest among these is

7. Rekha is taller than Asha. Deepa is as tall as Priti. Supriya is shorter than Veena. Sita is taller than Asha. Veena is shorter than Deepa. Who is the shortest ?

8. Cow is related to Calf in the same way as Kangaroo is related to

9. Find the missing number in the series 5, 10, 17, ___, 37, 50, 65

10. . In a row of boys Manu who is 8th from the left and Siju who is 9th from the right interchange their seats. Now Manu becomes 15th from left. How many boys are there in the row ?

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