Kerala PSC Current affairs Questions and Answers 2

This page contains Kerala PSC Current affairs Questions and Answers 2 for psc exam preparations in Malayalam and English.

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21. Which state government has launched a farmer engagement App named ‘Jai Kisaan’ for the benefit of the farmers of the state?

Answer: Goa

22. Which Indian organisation has designed and build the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam memorial?

Answer: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

23. Whiich union ministry has bagged the award for best implementation of E-office?

Answer: Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

24. India will tie up with which two countries to develop a new pollution-forecast system?

Answer: Japan and United Kingdom

25. Who has been chosen for the first-ever Kesari Media Award?

Answer: T J S George

26. Who has been appointed new director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)?

Answer: Ajit kumar mohanty

27. Erode turmeric, which recently got GI tag, is associated to which of the following states?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

28. In which Country after nearly five years of military rule going to hold elections?

Answer: Thailand

29. Which technology giant has launched India-specific tools to boost election engagement? (Marks: 0)

Answer: Facebook

30. Who has become the Pakistan's first Hindu woman judge?

Answer: suman kumari

31. INF Treaty, which is in news recently, is in between which of the following countries?

Answer: United States & Russia

32. What is the theme of the 30th National Road Safety Week (NRSW-2019)?

Answer: Sadak Suraksha - Jeevan Raksha

33. Which Indian-origin prof has been appointed director of South Africa's Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance?

Answer: Faizel Ismail

34. The researchers of which country has developed the first ant-like walking robot without GPS?

Answer: France

35. Namvar Singh, who passed away recently, was the renowned writer of which language?

Answer: Hindi

36. Rome Statute, sometimes seen in news, is related to which of the following organizations?

Answer: International crimanal court

37. National Museum of Indian Cinema recently inaugurated in which city

Answer: Mumbai

38. സംസ്ഥാനത്ത് മൂന്ന് മുതൽ ആറ് വയസുവരെയുള്ള കുട്ടികൾക്കായുള്ള വനിതാ ശിശുക്ഷേമ വകുപ്പിന്റെ വിനോദ വിജ്ഞാന പരിപാടി

Answer: കിളി കൊഞ്ചൽ

39. 2021 ഏപ്രിലിൽ അന്തരിച്ച ബൽബീർ സിംഗ് ജൂനിയർ ഏത് കായിക ഇനവുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു?

Answer: ഹോക്കി

40. 2020 ജനുവരി 17ന് ഐ.എസ്.ആര്‍.ഓ വിക്ഷേപിച്ച വാര്‍ത്താവിനിമയ ഉപഗ്രഹം?

Answer: ജി.സാറ്റ്- 30

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