Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 1 Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 1

Kerala PSC Beat Forest Officer Mock Test 1.

1. Who is the author of the book “Go kiss the world”?

2. Life itself,its origin and nature’is a scientific book written by

3. Columbidae colombiformes is a scientific name of

4. Who was called the father of Taxonomy?

5. Allpicha Mollakka is a character of the Malayalam Novel of

6. Hagupit,the most dangerous tropical cyclone affected the country in 2014

7. Who is the Present Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker of India?

8. Headquarters of Medicins Sans Frontieres(MSF),an International Humanitarian Aid Non Governmental Organization

9. The famous painting’Relief of Lucknow’painted by

10. The name of 24 hour classical music both Carnatic and Hindustani audio channel launched by All India Radio recently

11. Jean Dreze,the Belgian Economist is associated with the programme of

12. .The Queen’s Step well,a monument in medieval India constructed by Udayamathi for the memory of her husband Bimdev.It discovered by Archaeological Survey of India in

13. Which among the Indian state formed on 1st May 1960?

14. Bernama is the National News Agency of

15. Hugo Divries published the Mutation Theory in

16. The famous Merdekka Stadium or Independence Stadium situated in

17. The train Mythri Express or Moitree Express runs between

18. Military operation against the Islamic State of Iraql and Levant(ISIL)is known as

19. Who did Patronize and protect Sanchi Stupa?

20. United Nations International Female Peacekeeper Award winner of 2014

21. Who is the Chancellor of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies of Kerala(NUALS)?

22. Lord Mayo,the British Viceroy of India was assassinated by Shere Ali in 1872 at

23. Who criticized the Catherine Mayo’s work Mother India as “report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose of opening and examining the drains of the country to be reported upon”?

24. The following are the Presidents of Indian National Congress except

25. The National fruit of Pakistan is

26. The first Bank in India got ISO certificate

27. Which is the largest Women Empowering Project in kerala?

28. Which is the Headquarters of the Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering?

29. The first planet to be discovered with a telescope was

30. ”Navodhanathinte Suryathejus”is the biography of

31. .Which organization raised slogan”Land to Tillers”?

32. The northern most river in Kerala is

33. ”A heart shaped lake”is one of the major tourist attractive place in Kerala.It situated in

34. .The helpdesk and short stay homes project of Kudumbasree Mission launched in 2013 titled as

35. Who inaugurated the First Mega Food Park in Jharkhand on 15th Feb 2016?

36. .The World Radio Day is observed on

37. Which country will host the FINA World Aquatics Championship 2017?

38. Which state in India celebrate the ‘Raja Rani Musical Festival’?

39. Which is the first fully Solar Powered Educational Institute in India?

40. Who scores 1000 runs in HT Banduri Cup Inter School Cricket Tournament conducted by Mumbai Cricket Association?

41. The first royal order issued by Rani Gowri Lakshmibai to abolish slave trade in Travancore on

42. .In the Census of 2011 the female literacy rate in Kerala

43. Athula’s Mushakavamsakavya is a semi legendary accounts of the rulers of

44. Tharisapally Copper plate is considered as the first dated inscriptions in Kerala epigraphy.It was issued by Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal in

45. .The Danish fort ‘Dansborg’constructed in 1620 at

46. .In which state Amul launches country’s first milk ATM on 24th Jan.2014?

47. Who among the following are not the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission of India?

48. Right to Information Act passed by the Parliament in 2005.It came into force on

49. Worlds largest concentrated solar power plant opened on 4th Feb 2016 in

50. .In which state in India the tribal festival ‘Medaram Jatara’is celebrated?

51. .A person who works for the good of others:

52. My brother lives in Europe.So I see him once in once in a blue moon.The underlined pharase means

53. The opposite of ‘decline’ is

54. Yasin----on his journey last Friday

55. They rarely speak English,----------

56. --------I would have bought a Ferrari

57. None of the students----------their assignments

58. Find out the wrongly spelt word

59. Does her name begin with-----------‘F’?

60. Lata has trouble ------------remembering people’s names.

61. A man travels 4 km to the North and turns East and travels 7 km.Then he turns North and travels 1 km and again turns to East and travels 5 km.How far is he from the starting point?

62. What is the angle subtended by minute hand of a clock at its centre when it runs from 10.10 am to 10.30 am?

63. How many days are there between 21-2-2012 and 8.03.2012?

64. .In a class A ranks seventh.Rank of B is sixth form the last.If C is fourth after A and just in middle of A and B,how many students are there in class?

65. .If’ SISTER’is related to’QGQRCP’in the same way as’Brother’is related to

66. Find odd one out

67. .If ‘CAT’ is coded as 48,’DOG’is coded as 52,then code for’COW’is

68. Pointing to a man Geetha said,’he is the son of my grandfather’s only son’.How is Geetha related to that man?

69. 24-6x3-18/6

70. 3 1/2+4 1/3-5 1/5

71. .56% of 9+44% of 4=x% of 34,then value of x is

72. A loss of 20% was suffered by selling a watch for Rs.560.If it was sold for Rs.805 what was the profit percent?

73. 0.01)2 is equal to

74. Perimeter of a rectangle is 90 cm.One side is 20 cm.What is its area in square cm?

75. .If ‘CHAIR’is coded as 381918 how will you code ‘TABLE’?

76. If+ means division,division means -,- means x and x means +,then 38 x6+4/6-2 is

77. 5:8=x:24,then value of x is

78. .A car is running at a speed of 45 km/hr for 3 hours.Then it runs at a speed of 55 km/hr for 6 hours.What is the average speed of car?

79. 5 men and 8 women can finish a job in 10 days.While 3 men and 7 women can finish it in 12 days.In how many days can 11 men finish it?

80. Average age of 7 girls is 12.When age of a boy is included the average becomes 13 years.Find the age of boy

81. Endemic plants are defined as the plants growing in

82. Rhinos are exploited for its

83. Fall of a Sparrow is the autobiography of

84. The National Park declared for the protection of Nilgiri Tahr

85. The adaptation sunken stomata are found in

86. The plant community that grow in a marshy saline habitat are called

87. The ecologically odd one among the plant listed

88. The abbreviation MAB stands for

89. The population of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard has been declining due to

90. .In ecology the term’carrying capacity’of a species means

91. Which of the following regions in India is a biodiversity hotspot?

92. As per Wildlife Protection Act,1972 following is not a protected area category

93. A symbiotic association where both the partners benefited and neither can survive without the other is called

94. Mycorrhizal association is present in

95. A symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga is

96. The term Edaphic factor refers to

97. The term Ecotone is defined as

98. The bacteria found in the root nodules of leguminous plants are

99. National Animal of India is designated by the Scientific name of

100. .’Lac’is obtained from the secretion of

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