LDC Mock Test 1 LDC Mock Test 1

Kerala PSC LDC Mock test. Each Mock test Contains 100 Questions. These ldc mock tests are prepared from previous ldc exam question papers. These ldc mock tests contains questions from various topics like Renaissance in Kerala, General Knowledge, Mental Ability, English and Malayalam Grammar.

1. The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission:

2. The scientist who won Nobel prize for chemistry in the year 2017:

3. The Medical University of Kerala is at:

4. The Govt.servants in India can:

5. Who has been honored with Brand Laureate Legendary Award 2017?

6. The Olympics 2020 is in:

7. The Indian Chief Election Commission is:

8. The economic planning proposed by eight leading industrialists in 1945 is known as:

9. The word’Pakistan’was invented by a Cambridge student namely:

10. Dada Saheb Falke Award winner of 2017:

11. .The National Youth’s Day is:

12. The union territory in which the number of women is greater than that of men:

13. The 2010 ‘SAARC’summit was held at:

14. Wings of Fire’is the biography of:

15. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India was:

16. Horthus Malabaricus’was produced by the:

17. The’Kulachal’war was in the year:

18. Pazhassi Raja was attacked and killed by the British at:

19. ’Advaita Ashram’was established by:

20. Malabar came under the British rule as per the treaty of:

21. The first travelogue in Malayalam:

22. St.Angelo Fort at Kannur was built by:

23. ’Silent Valley’is in:

24. .The Nilgiri Tahr is seen in:

25. The Tamil Leader who participated in the ‘Vaikom Satyagraha’:

26. Which among the following rivers flows to the west?

27. The first cement factory was established in 1904 at:

28. The Father of Modern Industry’in India is:

29. .Black soil is found in:

30. .Bhakranangal project is in:

31. The first war of Independence in India lasted for almost:

32. .’Kesari’was the newspaper published by:

33. The Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre was on:

34. .The ‘Milk Man of India’:

35. The ‘Champaron Satyagraha’was led by

36. The National Human Rights Commission Chairperson will be

37. Do or Die”the slogan was raised by

38. 1 GB=?

39. ’RAM’means

40. The headquarters of ‘Intel’is in

41. The women in India got 33% reservation in Panchayats as per

42. The National Policy for the empowerment of women was issued in the year

43. .Which article of the Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability?

44. Baba Saheb Dr.Ambedkar Foundation was established in the year

45. The National Commission for Sheduled caste and Scheduled tribe came into existence as per ------------amendment of the constitution

46. .The Ozone Day is observed on

47. 75% of the total volume of atmosphere is in

48. The Novel ‘Chirasmarana’is written by

49. God of Small Things’is a novel of

50. The acid produced in human stomach is

51. Which of the following is present in maximum is acid rain?

52. .Bile Juice is stored in

53. The gas used in the manufacture of Vanaspathi from Vegetable

54. .Pesticide ingredient which killed thousands of people in Bhopal gas tragedy

55. EEG Provides information on electrical activity of:

56. Common bread mould is

57. Western Blot/Elisa Test is for determining

58. The fundamental duties were incorporated in the constitution by

59. The Constitutional provision for the declaration of emergency is

60. .In a certain code,PARENTS is written as RCTGPVU,How is CHILDREN written in that code?

61. Which is the next in the series 2,6,14,30,62,----------

62. Four persons attended a party.Every member had shaken hands with all other members.The number of hand shakes exchanged is

63. If the first and second letters in the word’COMMUNICATIONS’were interchanged,also the third and fourth letters,the fifth and sixth letters and so on,which letter would be the tenth letter from left?

64. Fill in the blank space from the alternatives Newspaper:Press::Lock:

65. Find the Odd one out

66. In a row of students,Sunil stands in the 15th position from both ends.How many students are there?

67. If A is less than B,C is less than D,B is greater than E and less than D,which is the greatest?

68. .In a certain code 13479 is written as AGEFT and 5268 as MPNX,How is 369824 written in that code?

69. A man starts from P,walks 13 metres towards east,turns left and walk 15 metres,then turn right and walk 8 metres,again turns right and walks 15 metres and reaches Q.The distance between P and Q is:

70. If 3/2+2x-5=1/2,the value of x is:

71. .6 x 0.6 x0.006=

72. The sum of two numbers is 16 and the sum of their squares is 146.The larger number is:

73. (512)1/3-(125)1/3=

74. .The investments of three persons A,B and C in a business are in the ratio 2:3:4.If the total investment is Rs.2,70,000,the share of B is:

75. The average of three numbers is 20.If the sum of the first two numbers is 42,the third number is:

76. .In a box containing 120 bulbs,35% are defective.The number of non-defective bulbs is:

77. A man travels at a speed of 6 km/hr for five hours and at a speed of 4 km/hr for 10 hours.His average speed is:

78. If f(a)=a(Square)+2a-1,then f(8)-f(5)=

79. The savings of an employee is 1/5th of his salary.when he changes his savings to 1/6th of the salary,there is a difference of Rs.200.His salary is:

80. .Jack and Jill -----------to the same family.

81. .Roy prefers novels --------short stories

82. He went home,-------------?

83. Ram----visited me yesterday

84. A -----------of flowers

85. Choose the synonym of polytheism

86. Choose the synonym of vindicate

87. Choose the antonym of introduction

88. Choose the antonym of modesty

89. Sony said that her friends-------------very helpful

90. The newspaper---------------on the table

91. The Old Testament gives the---------------Jews made with God

92. Choose the word that is spelt right

93. Crocodile tears’means:

94. This garden is -----------beautiful

95. How fast he speaks!(Change to assertive sentence).

96. ”Thank you”,he said(Change to indirect speech)

97. .All love him(Change to passive voice)

98. The ------------window was repaired

99. He--------in a bank(Use simple present tense)

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