Computer Shortcut Keys Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut KeysComputer Shortcut Keys

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Shortcut keys help provide a quicker method of navigating and executing commands on the computer. Shortcut keys are performed using the Alt key, Ctrl key, Command (on Apple), or Shift key in conjunction with another key. Below is a list of the most commonly used shortcut keys.

Shortcut Keys Description
Alt+F File menu options in the current program.
Alt+E Open Edit options in the current program.
Alt+Tab Switch between open programs.
F1 View help information.
F2 Rename a selected file.
F5 Refresh the current program window.
Ctrl+D Bookmarks the current page in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+N Create a new or blank document in some software, or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+O Open a file in the current software.
Ctrl+A Select all text.
Ctrl+B Change selected text to be bold.
Ctrl+I Change selected text to be in italics.
Ctrl+U Change selected text to be underlined.
Ctrl+F Open find window for current document or window.
Ctrl+S Save current document file.
Ctrl+X Cut selected item.
Shift+Del Cut selected item.
Ctrl+C Copy selected item.
Ctrl+Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl+V Paste
Shift+Ins Paste
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+K Insert hyperlink for the selected text.
Ctrl+P Print the current page or document.
Home Goes to the beginning of the current line.
Ctrl+Home Goes to the beginning of the document.
End Goes to the end of the current line.
Ctrl+End Goes to the end of the document.
Shift+Home Highlights from the current position to the beginning of the line.
Shift+End Highlights from the current position to the end of the line.
Ctrl+Left arrow Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl+Right arrow Moves one word to the right at a time.
Ctrl+Esc Open the Start menu.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Open Windows Task Manager.
Alt+F4 Close the currently active program.
Alt+Enter Open the properties for the selected item.
Alt + = AutoSum
Alt + F1 Insert a graph
Alt + F2 Save As
Alt + F4 Output
Alt + F8 Macro dialog
Alt + F11 Visual Basic Editor
Alt + Shift + F1 New spreadsheet
Alt + Shift + F2 Save
Alt + down arrow automatic view list
Ctrl + " Copy the value of the cell above
Ctrl + ' Copy the formula from the cell above
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + D Fill
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + F1 Open File
Ctrl + F10 Maximize or Restore Window
Ctrl + F11 Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl + F3 Set name
Ctrl + F4 Close
Ctrl + F5 size of the restore window
Ctrl + F6 Next Workbook Window
Ctrl + F7 Move window
Ctrl + F8 Resize Window
Ctrl + F9 Minimize the workbook
Ctrl + G Find next instance of text
Ctrl + H Replace
Ctrl + I Italic
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + N New workbook
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + R Nothing right
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + Shift + A Insert the argument names in the formula
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Printing
Ctrl + Shift + F3 Create a name using the names of row and column labels
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Previous Window
Ctrl + Shift + ~ General Format
Ctrl + U Underlined
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + W Close
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Y Repeat
Ctrl + Z Cancel
Ctrl + ` Toggle value/display of the formula
Ctrl +: Insert the current time
Ctrl +; Insert the current date
F1 Help
F2 Edition
F3 Paste the name
F4 Repeat the last action
F4 When entering a formula; switch between absolute/relative references
F5 Goto
F6 Next Pane
F7 Spell Check
F8 Extension of the mode
F9 Recalculate all workbooks
F10 Activate Menubar
F11 New graph
F12 Save As
Shift + Ctrl + F6 Previous Workbook Window
Shift + F1 What is it?
Shift + F2 Edit cell comment
Shift + F3 Paste the function into the formula
Shift + F4 Search Next
Shift + F5 Find
Shift + F6 Previous Panel
Shift + F8 Add to the selection
Shift + F9 Calculate the active worksheet
Shift + F10 Popup menu display
Shift + F11 New spreadsheet
Shift + F12 Save
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Discoverers of Elements of Periodic Table


Element Discovered By .
ഓക്സിജൻ ജോസഫ് പ്രീസ്റ്റ്ലി .
ഹൈഡ്രജൻ ഹെൻട്രി കാവൻഡിഷ് .
നൈട്രജൻ ഡാനിയൽ റൂഥർഫോർഡ് .
സിലിക്കൺ ബേർസേലിയസ് .
തോറിയം ബെർസേലിയസ് .
മെഗ്നീഷ്യം ജോസഫ് ബ്ലാക്ക് .
കാൽസ്യം ഹംഫ്രി ഡേവി .
പൊട്ടാസിയം ഹംഫ്രി ഡേവി .
സോഡിയം ഹംഫ്രി ഡേവി .
യുറേനിയം മാർട്ടിൻ ക്ലാപ്രോത്ത് .
റേഡിയം മേരി ക്യൂറി .
പൊളോണിയം മേരിക്യൂറി, പിയറി ക്യൂറി .


Important Years In Kerala History


Below table contains Important Years In Kerala History in chronological order. .

Important Years In Kerala History .
BC 232 - Spread of Buddhism in Kerala .
AD 45 - Hippalus arrived in Kerala .
AD 52 - ST Thomas arrived in Kerala .
AD 68 - Jews arrived in Kerala .
AD 644 - Arrived of malik dinar in Kerala .
AD 788 - Birth of Sankaracharya .
AD 820 - Death of Sankaracharya .
AD 825 - Kollam Era started .
AD 829 - First Mamankam in Kerala .
AD 1000 - Jewish copper plate .
AD 1341 - Flood in Periyar .
AD 1498 - Arrival of Vasco da Gama .
AD 1500 - Cabral arrived in Kerala .
AD 1503 - Construction of fort manual .
AD 1524 - 3rd Visit of Vasco da Gama in Kerala. Death of Vasco da Gama .
AD 1531 - Construction of Chaliyam fort .
AD 1555 - Construction of Dutch palace...


Average calculation


N = the number of terms  .

S = the sum of the numbers in the set.

Average = S/N .

For example.

The marks of a student in five subjects are 96, 94, 92, 87, and 81, then what is the average score of the student?.

N = 5.

S = 96 + 94 + 92 + 87 + 81 = 450.

A = 450/5 = 90.

Another type questions .

1). There are 36 boys and 44 girls in a class. The average score of boys is 40 and girls are 35. Then what will be the average mark? .

Total mark of 36 boys = 36 x 40 = 1440.

Total mark of 44 girls = 35 x 44 = 1540.

Total mark of 80 Students = 1440 + 1540 = 2980 .

Average mark of the class = (2980 / 80).