Kerala Film Awards 2019 Winners Kerala Film Awards 2019 Winners

Kerala Film Awards 2019 WinnersKerala Film Awards 2019 Winners

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The 49th Kerala State Film Awards presented by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy were announced by the Minister for Cultural Affairs, A. K. Balan in Thiruvananthapuram on 27 February 2019. Here is the list of the winners in Kerala State Film Awards of 2019.

  • Best Film – Kanthan: The Lover of Color
  • Second Best Film – Oru Njayarazhcha
  • Best Actor – Jayasurya (Captain and Njan Marykutty) and Soubin Shahir (Sudani from Nigeria)
  • Best Actress – Nimisha Sajayan, Chola and Oru Kuprasidha Payyan
  • Best Director – Shyamaprasad, Oru Njayarazhcha
  • Best Character Actor – Joju George, Chola and Joseph
  • Best Character Actress – Savithra Sreedharan and Sarasa Balussery, Sudani from Nigeria
  • Best Child Artist – Female – Abani Adi, Panth
  • Best Child Artist – Male – Master Rithun, Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam
  • Best Cinematography – KU Mohanan, Carbon
  • Best Costume Designer – Sameera Saneesh, Kammarasambhavam
  • Best Debut Director – Zakariya Mohammed, Sudani from Nigeria
  • Best Dubbing Artist – Female – Sneha M, Lilli
  • Best Dubbing Artist – Male – Shammy Thilakan, Odiyan
  • Best Editor – Aravind Manmadan
  • Best Female Singer – Shreya Ghoshal, “Neer Maathalam” from Aami
  • Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value – Sudani from Nigeria
  • Best Lyrics – Hari Narayanan, Joseph and Theevandi
  • Best Makeup Artist – Ronex Xavier, Njan Marykutty
  • Best Male Singer – Vijay Yesudas, “Poomuthole” from Joseph
  • Best Music Director (score) – Bijibal, Aami
  • Best Music Director – Vishal Bharadwaj, Carbon
  • Best Sound Design – Jayadevan C, Carbon
  • Best Sound Mixing – Sinoy Joseph, Carbon
  • Best Story – Joy Mathew, Uncle
  • Special Jury award – Madhu Ambat

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List of Nobel Prize Winners 2019


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കിഴക്കിന്‍റെ കാശ്മീർ - മൂന്നാർ.
കേര ഗ്രാമം - കുമ്പളങ്ങി.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ കാശ്മീർ - മൂന്നാർ.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ ചിറാപുഞ്ചി - ലക്കിടി.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ നെയ്ത്തുപാടം - ബാലരാമപുരം.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ മക്ക - പൊന്നാനി.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ മൈസൂർ - മറയൂർ.
കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ വിനോദസഞ്ച...